How much does it cost to ship a guitar?

The joy of online shopping for a guitar is that the cost is extremely favorable as compared to your local store. And this gives you the advantage of choosing even better guitars both in terms of hardware and electronics.

Online stores also tend to have a wide range of brands that are up to speed with new designs and dimensions. Always keep in mind that shopping for a guitar either locally or online will always require your indebted effort.

After sort out the best fit for your interest, it is a legit asking- how much does it cost to ship a guitar?That is why we are publishing this article.

Guitar Shipping Factors

Once you know what you want and the price range, shipping always comes in next and tends to become a challenge for most. The cost of the guitar might be very similar on various platforms. But the cost of shipping can easily take you off budget.

Guitar shipping costs will depend on factors such as weight, the value of the guitar, the delivery location, speed of delivery and the courier company. We shall look at these factors in brief and in the best orderly way for you to look for what will work for you.

1. The Courier Company

The Courier Company

Guitar shipping will work best with a regional and a national freight courier. Look at the courier company’s; security (is it licensed, bonded and insured), are they reliable, the level of professionalism (e.g. how organized their online platform is), an open listing of costs and other customer experiences with the company.

2. Weight and size of the guitar

For a guitar, the challenge is that it is big on height and possibility of it taking up space. This attracts additional costs if not well packaged. You can focus on tighter-fitting packages and use of fewer peanuts that still ensure the safety of your guitar. If you go large on size the price always tends to jump up despite the weight of the actual package being on the low.

3. The delivery location

Where you expect your guitar to be delivered will determine if you will incur additional charges to your guitar or not. This calls for picking out a location that will ensure safe and right delivery at the minimal charges possible. Look out for areas that offer free shipping in relation to your location.

4. The speed of delivery/Shipping time

The speed of delivery

This is where you are practically determining how much you want to pay in terms of patience until the guitar arrives. A guitar being a very fragile product no matter the packaging is better off with the fastest possible time of delivery.

Because it helps minimize the chances of the product getting damaged or lost. However, fast delivery equals higher shipping costs as opposed to when you wait.

5. The price of the guitar

This can come in handy in that you ensure there is a balance between the price of the guitar to the total cost you will incur inclusive of shipping. Some companies tend to charge shipping despite the fact that the product price is still too high.

There are various online stores that sell guitars at very affordable prices despite the costly shipping or offer free shipping at a reasonable price of the guitar. High-value guitars tend to attract higher shipping costs given the higher need for insurance.

Dimensional Weight- factor to consider

Dimensional Weight

​A guitar is mostly a lightweight product transported in a big box. Thus, the dimensional weight of a package tends to matter most and in most cases used to determine shipping cost firsthand.

To get dimensional weight they use the following steps: -


  • USPS DIM = (L*W*H) / 194
  • UPS & FedEx DIM = (L*W*H) /166
  • International DIM = (L*W*H) / 139

Secondly, round to the next whole number.

Then if the dimensional weight is larger than the actual weight of the guitar, use the weight to reach the shipping price. For example, the shipping cost of a standard weight guitar bought on eBay using UPS will breakdown as follows:

  • If you live within USPS zones 1-4, shipping goes at 20-pound rate whereby the length and girth is 84 inches to below 108 inches.
  • If you live in postal zones 5-8, you pay the dimensional weight for Priority Mail- goes for accurate volume of package for maybe the 40-pound rate.

You can easily have a look at the different experiences of various persons who have shipped guitars online. You will mostly see the rough ordeal some have to go through, while some have become quite the experts.

Some of the things you can pick up are that one can easily miss out on dimensions and go up the shipping expected the size and are put in a higher category. It’s always best to sign up for an online account as it minimizes any mishaps.

One store may not particularly perform well in one location. As it does in another location and thus ensure that you select a store that works for your specific location.


In conclusion, the shipping cost of a guitar largely depends on the amount of research you input on where you are buying your guitar. Do not disregard the finer details as they could easily cost you too much. You notice that guitars and shipping have a great sensitivity to dimensional weight and shipping time.

Target on this and you avoid overcharged on your guitar shipment and have it delivered in time to minimize on damages.Let us know your feedback in the comment below & what from the article "how much does it cost to ship a guitar" is more helpful for you.

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