P Bass vs J Bass – Anatomy of P/J Bass

Many beginning and more skilled string musicians across the world are in search for the perfect guitar. Guitar players know this guitar to be as either precision base or jazz bass guitars.

The features of the two are similar, however very different as well. They have been around less than a century, but they already have seen well usage across the world.So let us dive into the debate- p bass vs j bass.

History - P bass vs J bass

Many bands use the precision and bass guitar in there acts, however nowadays most things are done electronically. The new recorded Bass can be found in a audio interface but when doing things the old-fashioned way there's none better then the Precision or jazz bass guitar.

Both of the guitar types are made by the amazing company known as fender. With so much expertise and time put into their craft vendor has created some of the best guitar instruments on Earth.

P bass vs J bass have been going on for a long time now but luckily their is two options for whatever preference the musician may want.

What is P Bass and Examples

p bass guitar

Being invented in 1951,P bass guitars or precision bass guitars are the more popular out of the two types of string instruments. The reason being it is a little more sharper to here as well that's it's better for recording.

A lot of musicians across the world want to record their music so the P bass guitar gives them the ability to do so. When recording with the p bass guitar it is always good to make sure your settings have put on their proper standard.

Precision bass guitars aren't the best sounding alone, however mixing with other instruments makes it sound remarkable. The fact that this guitar is so simple to use makes it a very popular choice for musicians to purchase. All you have to do is plug it up! One step to making sure you get the best quality music from your guitar has never been better.

Precision bass guitars comes with a very easy to follow way to make your music. After plugging it in you have two knobs to focus on to get your perfect pitch. One is the tone knob and the other is the volume nob.

To raise or decrease your level of sound the precision bass guitar comes with a 2 split pickup which is different from its J bass counterpart. The two split pickup makes things very convenient for the musician and gives them the ability to focus on other areas and not so much on the construction of the guitar itself.

By making the proper adjustments musicians have always found that sound that they've been looking for. The precision bass guitar is probably one of the most used in recording today and will continue to be for mixed songs.

What is J Bass and Examples

jazz bass guitar

The jazz bass guitar invented in 1990 or J bass too many is a little more complex in its design. The guitar is very elegant and beautiful with metals and hardwood. Any design or style you choose for yourself.

You have a standard of two pickups with a J bass guitar this gives you a lot of variance of sounds and music you can use to your discretion. The unique thing about the J bass guitar is that it has values for each of the pickups. The J bass also comes with something very amazing known as the tone control knob.

​The tone control gives the musician opportunity to change the tone on the bass higher pitch or lower pitch base comes with the preference of the musician. There is also a blend knob available on the J bass guitar as well.

With this extra feature that J bass guitar becomes one of the most interesting strings ever created it gives the musicians the up most samples and experimentation abilities that every musician drives for.

The fact that this guitar is second to the P bass guitar is only because most musicians are not doing single recording sessions alone anymore. When the J bass guitar first came out many people shows that over the P Bass.

​Guitarist Persona

​The jazz bass guitars definitely more of a solo act instrument compared to its precision bass counterpart. The jazz is so different from the precision bass that as soon as you hear the first couple notes, you can identify the two without much musical knowledge.

Many guitar players who do solo acts preferred the jazz bass guitar and some who are in bands prefer it as well. It is definitely a great pick for a professional or more advance playing guitarist.

The P bass vs J bass decision will live on forever however the fact that both are very special will never leave as well. Both of these instruments show the expertise and options that musicians can achieve when they use the right guitar.

Final Verdict

​Fender P bass and j bass will most likely be the top two guitars for all time. If this is the case it would be good to have both in your musical arsenal. With both guitars musicians are able to achieve the maximum product out of bass guitar music.

Other companies do make the precision bass guitar however the fender P bass & J Bass is arguably the number one guitar on the market. Both are very different from each other in design. And the way they sound the one thing that is similar is that they are both very fantastic instrument to use in your everyday recording.

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