How To Make Electronic Music -Preparation & Exact Process

How To Make Electronic Music

Music has gone through a wide range of stylistic changes throughout the centuries, but the most recent and perhaps groundbreaking innovation is that of electronic music. Electronic music has been through multiple changes during its short lifespan of just a century, but it has truly changed the way music is written and produced.Originally it was […]

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Top 5 Best Bass Octave Pedal Reviews (2018 Updated)

best bass octave pedal

Are you in search of the best bass octave pedal that will help to spice up the sound of your bass guitar making it more prominent in the audio mix? Do you need guitar octaves that will help in crafting synthesized signals from the original output? Pedals are known to play a big role for […]

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Best Tremolo Pedal Under 100 Review

Best Tremolo Pedal Under 100

Do you love playing a guitar with your group of friends? Has your guitar tone not been appealing in the past performances? Are you looking for the secret to jamming great sounds filled with a wide array of effects? As a buyer, it can be a daunting task when it comes to shopping for the […]

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Best Mini Tremolo Pedal -Top 5 Mini Tremolo Pedal

best mini tremolo pedal

Best mini tremolo pedal should be the best modulator for your guitar sound. You are going to like the sound coming out of your guitar for several reasons if you use any of the products recommended here. You are going to notice the effect. Discovering the best tremolo pedal is not easy, you have to […]

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Voodoo Lab Tremolo Pedal Review

voodoo labs tremolo

I remember the first time I fell in love with guitar playing. My parents had just bought for me a PS2 and the first game they bought was guitar hero. We spend hours jamming to the tunes of the game with my friends.As I grew up, I took to serious guitar playing and today, I […]

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What Is A Stompbox? How To Make Stompbox?

what is a stompbox

Music is a constantly evolving animal. How we make music, and make it our own, has changed through history, and that means that throughout that history there were moments that changed the face of music irrevocably. The advent of the stompbox was one of those moments.In this article, we will dig down what is a […]

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What Is An Octave Pedal? What Does An Octave Pedal Do?

what is an octave pedal

Every newbie guitarist had curiosity about different gadgets for guitar. A very common question is what is an octave pedal? This encourage us to simplify the term & explain its functionality. Without further ado, let me dive into the subject matter.​What is an octave pedal?​An Octave Pedal is a device designed to add another tone […]

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Analog vs Digital Delay Pedal – What is the Difference?

analog vs digital delay pedal

If you speak to a guitarist you will often find that they have quite strong views when it comes to the debate relating to analog vs digital delay pedal. However, in reality you will find that many guitarists like to use both for different reasons and so their ‘strong views’ are often not actually that […]

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Tremolo vs Vibrato-What to Choose?

tremolo vs vibrato

If you are a lover of music or a proud musician, it is crucial to elevate your sound of music. The pitch and sound are important factors in making your music stand out. Tremolo vs Vibrato makes a big difference if you can accurately differentiate the two.Tremolo is sound and vibrato is a pitch. A […]

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