Best Electric Guitar Reviews – Buying Guide & Features

Learning to play a musical instrument can become the perfect solution to increase your artistic side and reveal your untapped skills. There are a lot of instruments to pick & try on. Obviously, each of them comes with a lot of challenges, while experience will most likely make the difference over time.At the same time, you can probably tell already that some instruments are easier to play than others, but they also come with significant investments. If you truly want to become a professional piano player, you better expect to pay a fortune on a solid and reliable unit.On the other hand, finding the best electric guitar for a newbie is way more cost efficient. But generally speaking, this decision should be driven by passion and dedication. Expenses will become insignificant if you truly love what you are doing.

Unveil The Different Types Of Electric Guitars

Electric guitars can be classified by more criteria. This is probably the first step in your struggle to spot the best electric guitar, so pay attention to general considerations before going into deep details.

  • Solid body guitars are self explanatory. Resonating chambers are out of the discussion in this type of construction. Normally, they are built of solid wood. The wood quality is one of the first things to pay attention to because it defines the sound quality. They are durable, good looking and very resistant in the long run. This is by far the most popular type of electric guitars.
  • Semi acoustic guitars are thin and look more aggressive. They are more dynamic because they are easier to keep under control. They are more efficient with an amplifier though. When used acoustically, the sound quality is usually terrible. They are very common in jazz, but also in blues. The so called distorted sound is hard to control sometimes, so this option is not always the best one in live performances.
  • Arch top guitars were originally designed to be acoustic guitars. With time, the electric style has gained more popularity though. They are arched and might look little like violins. High quality units are made out of one piece only.
  • Electro-acoustic guitars come with pickups. They are not so popular in electric guitar players, yet they are more efficient in acoustic uses.

What To Look For In The Cool Electric Guitar

The best electric guitar depends on more factors. No matter how simple it seems, the truth is that you require a little attention to small details.

  • Neck construction refers to three different types of necks – set neck, neck though and bolt on. Obviously, each type of neck comes with both pros and cons, so it is up to you to figure out what might work better for you.
  • Scale length defines the vibrating string length. A short scale provides a warm and friendly sound, while a long one will ensure a bright and better defined sound. Practically, the longer the scale is, the more tension you have to face while playing the guitar.
  • Tone woods may look irrelevant at a first glance. Most people know that the sound is given by the strings and pickups. However, wood has a specific resonance as well, so it dictates the string vibration. There are plenty of types of wood to be used in electric guitars though.

5 Best Electric Guitar Reviews 2017

When not sure what the perfect electric guitar for you is, these front runners can usually cover anyone’s necessities.

1.Yamaha FJX720SC Acoustic Electric Guitar Review

Excellent for: newbies, amateurs and beginners, advanced users, teachers

Yamaha FSX720SC

Buying the cool electric guitar can be overwhelming with so many options out there. As a newbie, you might find these musical instruments to be relatively similar, hence the necessity to conduct proper research before spending your money. Yamaha is one of the front running manufacturers in this industry. When looking for the world renowned Japanese reliability, you know that this is the optimal solution for your needs. Yamaha produces all kinds of musical instruments, as well as accessories to enhance your style and provide a higher quality. It makes no difference if you are looking for keyboards, guitars or amplifiers. As long as you choose a solid brand, chances are you will make a good decision.

But on a different note, you will be surprised once you end up checking Yamaha’s products. You got more than just one or two electric guitars. Electric guitars can be classified by more criteria, so you can find a good representative in each of those categories. Just like you have probably guessed already, each model comes with particular specifications. All in all, Yamaha FJX720SC Acoustic Electric Guitar seems to be a front runner in this industry. Basically, the FJX720SC model is among Yamaha’s best sellers. It benefits from numerous positive reviews, so it makes a very cost efficient solution, whether you are a newbie or an actual professional. With all these, it still pays off to read on and identify the pros and cons of this product. Can it actually raise to your expectations? There is only one way to find out.

Why we recommend specific types of woods over others in the build of an electric guitar

Just like any other guitar, Yamaha’s FJX720SC electric guitar is made of specific types of woods. There are more materials in this industry, so research their main characteristics. While many newbies overlook the material, the truth is that the wood is directly responsible for the actual resonance. This model comes with a solid mahogany back. Its sides are made of the exact same material. Mahogany is known for being relatively heavier than other woods, which means that it makes a sturdy and durable option. It provides excellent support while playing, but it also offers a warm and user friendly appearance. The sound is very warm too, but also fat and thick. With time, you will understand how mahogany can truly influence your sound.

On the other hand, the fret board is made of rosewood, which is yet another major plus for this model. Rosewood works in a tight collaboration with mahogany. Both materials come with a warm tone. This is the kind of sound that can touch anyone. At the same time, you got a continuous and smooth playing style. It is fast too, so the sounds are delivered almost instantly. This type of material is excellent for all kinds of music genres because it does not require too much time to get used to it. The results will most likely surprise you right away.

Yamaha FSX720SC electric acoustic guitar

Exploring the main features and capabilities of Yamaha’s FJX720SC electric guitar

At a first glance, Yamaha FJX720SC looks like a classic guitar. You have to research it in small details in order to determine whether or not it can raise to your expectations. It is advertised as an electric guitar, but also as an acoustic one. In other words, this model is an acoustic electric guitar, so it can support both playing styles with absolutely no problems at all. It does look like a traditional acoustic model, but its electric capabilities represent some of its strengths. This unit is excellent if you know exactly what kind of style you plan to adopt, but also if you are not sure about your playing style or you like both of them.

It is mostly made of mahogany and rosemary. The neck, back, and sides are entirely made of mahogany, which is sturdy and durable. When combined with the rosemary fretboard, you can obtain a warm and deep sound. The Sitka spruce top adds to the overall quality standards, as well as the appearance. Mahogany has a natural dark appearance, which can properly contrast to spruce top. However, it is painted black, so the unit is more common as a whole black unit, rather than a contrasting guitar.

The FJX720SC model comes with a built-in tuner, so there is nothing to worry about from this point of view. It is solid and highly adjustable to your playing style. The die-cast tuners add to your overall experience as well. Even the pickup can make an excellent solution. The 55T Piezo pickup is a comprehensive system that takes your musical experience to the next level.

The guitar weighs 7.5 pounds. It represents a middle solution, so it is quite easy to get used to it without feeling any discomfort. The reverse L neck block can help if you feel overwhelmed.


  • Traditional appearance
  • Excellent combination of mahogany, rosewood and Sitka spruce
  • Tuner is built in & 55T Piezo pickup is extremely reliable
  • Impeccable reputation and rankings
  • Excellent response & Clear sound
  • Dynamic range
  • Reverse L neck block
  • Luxury looking chrome tuners
  • Very comfortable to play
  • Both acoustic and electric
  • Ages gracefully


  • More appropriate for beginners and amateurs than for large scale professionals
  • Could use more futuristic features
  • Might seem a bit too large for a complete newbie


​Yamaha FJX720SC Acoustic Electric Guitar makes a great solution for those who need a tough, reliable and solid guitar. It is used by both amateurs and professionals, yet a professional who plays on the world’s largest scenes might need a specialized guitar. The FJX720SC is both acoustic and electric. Just choose the right strings and enjoy your favorite music genre, whether you like blues, jazz or even heavy metal. This guitar is designed to last, look good and sound even better as it gets old.

2.Yamaha APX500 Acoustic Electric Guitar Review

Excellent for: both beginners and local professionals, professors, electric and acoustic players

Yamaha APX500

Whether you are looking for a portable piano, a recorder, an electric guitar or even a drum package, you have probably noticed already that musical instruments are extremely diversified. They have evolved a lot over time. Some of them are better than others, even if they look identical. The secret is not necessarily in the appearance but in the actual performance. With these ideas in mind, you might find this industry to be quite overwhelming. This is why it is imperative to begin your search with nothing but the brand. Choose a good, established and reputable brand and you have solved half the problem. Yamaha is a front runner when it comes to musical instruments. Its products are built with the actual performance in mind, so the results are astonishing.

There are hundreds of units to choose from, yet guitars seem to be the most attractive ones. In simple words, both newbies and experts rely on Yamaha when it comes to buying a cost effective unit. This is the most significant element describing these guitars – they provide an exquisite quality for their price. Obviously, there are a few front runners that dominate this category. Therefore, if you are interested in an electric unit, Yamaha APX500 Acoustic Electric Guitar might become your best option. The APX500 is among the products with the best ratings over the Internet. It is affordable, solid and provides a top notch quality. However, the more you know about it, the better it becomes to make a wise decision.

Why we recommend dual guitars over specialized units

A specialized guitar is electric or acoustic. A dual guitar is a multifunction one. Specialized guitars are excellent for those who play them at a professional level. You are less likely to see Metallica or ACDC with dual guitars. Instead, they have years or even decades of practice and education. They know exactly what they require or expect from this experience, so their guitars are highly customized. Some less popular professionals might try to adopt the same style too. However, unless you get to that level, this option is not necessarily your most cost efficient one. Such guitars are more expensive, but they are also a little limited.

On the other hand, dual guitars are acoustic electric. They can easily support both these playing styles. They are excellent for newbies and even professionals. Unless you are a music star featured on TV, chances are you will play both your work and some famous covers. Therefore, you will probably need both these styles anyway. When it comes to newbies, the necessity of dual guitars is even more obvious. Most of them tend to focus on the electric part because it is easier, but it also provides deeper sounds and more diversified solutions. However, it is hard to tell what you truly like before trying both styles. As if all these were not enough, a general guitar like Yamaha APX500 is also less expensive than a specialized one, so you will save a lot of money as well.

Yamaha APX500 electric acoustic guitar

Unveiling other specific features associated with Yamaha’s APX500 acoustic electric guitar

Yamaha’s APX500 construction is mostly based on spruce. The top is entirely made of it. It is highly responsible for the deep and warm sound. Spruce provides a unique sound that no other woods can imitate, so it is easy to identify. At the same time, this model has a black finish, yet you might be able to find it in other colors as well. This is the most elegant one though. It has a white thin line on the side, while the strings add to the beautiful contrast.

When it comes to the back, sides and neck, they are made of nato. Nato is a more variety. The respective wood is hard to work with because it is extremely solid. It is durable and will resist for a lifetime. Believe it or not, nato is widely used for industrial purposes, so its implementation in this Yamaha model represents an actual innovation. It finishes fairly well and can easily pass the test of time. As for the fingerboard or bridge, it is made of rosewood. The contrast is amazing.

The overall design is stylish, but also very thin and comfortable. Most people will have no difficulties in getting used to it. It does not add too many pressure on the arms either, not to mention about the neck.

Just like a few other models coming from Yamaha, the APX500 acoustic electric guitar comes with the 55T system, which brings in all the required elements for a successful and highly customized playing experience. The 55T system comprises of more parts, such as the 1 way, 3 band equalizer. The midrange frequency is very easy to customize too, while the chromatic tuner adds to the luxury profile of this guitar, even if it is not actually marketed to be a luxurious product. The tuner is built in.


  • A fancy, yet traditional appearance
  • Excellent mixture of nato, rosewood and spruce top
  • Tuner is built in
  • 55T system has been upgraded and enhanced
  • Midrange frequency can be customized
  • Impeccable reputation
  • Quick response
  • Clean sound
  • Tuner is chromatic
  • Unique nato construction
  • Cost efficient
  • Very durable & Lightweight
  • Very comfortable and easy to play
  • Both acoustic and electric


  • Excellent to go from beginner to advanced, but not so good for experienced musicians who want a more specialized unit
  • Could use more futuristic features


In conclusion, Yamaha APX500 Acoustic Electric Guitar can definitely stand up in the crowd. The impressive model draws a lot of attention with its clean and stylish look, but it is also said to feel perfect. Most people use this model to learn how to play an electric guitar. With time, they turn to more specialized and expensive units, yet most of them claim that they still go back to this model.

3.Cordoba C5-CE Iberia Series Electric Guitar Review

Excellent for: both beginners and local professionals, professors, electric and acoustic players

Cordoba C5-CE Iberia Series

Looking for a solid electric guitar, but not sure what might fit you? Well, you are not the only one in this situation. In fact, most newbies go through this venture when not sure what to get. The truth is that most people have such issues whenever they buy a guitar, even if they are slightly experienced. Starting with the manufacturer or the brand might be a good option. After all, no matter how good or inexpensive a guitar might seem, you do not feel like buying it if it was produced by a company that you have never heard about, especially if the respective company does not even have a good reputation or a wide array of other products. This is when Cordoba steps in as one of the most appreciated guitar manufacturers.

Guitars come in different types and can be classified by several criteria. Cordoba is known for producing both acoustic and electric guitars, not to mention about dual acoustic electric units. It normally depends on what you truly expect from this venture, but also on your experience. Some products are better rated than others, but they also provide different quality standards. When interested in cost efficiency, Cordoba C5-CE Iberia Series Acoustic Electric Classical Guitar might be the key to most of your problems. The C5-CE Iberia Series guitar sells like hot bread, so it is obviously a good option. But at the same time, make sure that you read our entire review, only to determine whether or not it is actually useful to you.

Why we recommend acoustic electric guitars over specialized units

When looking for a good guitar, you will find three different categories – acoustic, electric and acoustic electric. Acoustic and electric guitars are specialized, so they can only reproduce particular sounds. You cannot get an acoustic guitar and expect to come up with a beautiful electric experience. The same rule applies vice versa. If you are part of a solid band and you have concerts on top scenes, you might, indeed, benefit from a specialized guitar. But then, you are supposed to have your own songs and perhaps a few albums too. If you only hope to play covers, you will clearly feel limited by the restrictions associated with an electric or acoustic guitar.

An acoustic electric guitar is different. These models were originally developed for complete newbies. They had no idea which style they would fall in love or become familiar with, so they wanted both options at their disposal. Obviously, just like most other elements in the music industry, acoustic electric guitars have evolved a lot too. These days, you can perform an excellent job with such a model. It gives you the opportunity to enjoy your favorite playing style, but also adapt yourself to all kinds of unexpected situations, such as playing a cover or any other type of challenge.

Cordoba’s C5-CE Iberia Series guitar is an acoustic electric unit. It is world renowned for its reliability as a general guitar, as well as its amazing sound standards.

Cordoba C5-CE

Defining other characteristics associated with Cordoba’s C5-CE Iberia Series guitar

The Iberia Series models are large and medium. They are made of solid materials, including cedar, mahogany, rosewood or cypress. The series is not directed to a particular category of people. Instead, it targets people of all ages and with all kinds of preferences. The best part is that such guitars are handmade, so they are unique. They are designed to feel lightweight and provide a warm sound. On the other hand, the C5-CE model respects a traditional Spanish construction. The design looks classic, but the inside is enhanced with all kinds of innovative and modernist features, including an on board tuner or the Fishman Isys+ pickup.

The Fishman Isys+ pickup does not look so impressive at a first glance, but the high level of customization makes it perfect. You got phase, tone or volume controls, as well as knobs for all kinds of individualizations. The pickup is not to be ignored either. Curious where the battery box is? You may not see it as you look at pictures because it is properly hidden close to the bottom. The battery is known for being very durable and reliable if properly preserved and maintained. Make sure that you do not forget the guitar plugged in after a session.

Cordoba’s C5-CE Iberia Series guitar represents a mixture of mahogany, rosewood and cedar. The top is made of cedar, while mahogany was used for the sides and the back. The finish is glossy and shiny, despite the traditional construction. Strings are easy to pinch or pull and carry the Savarez Cristal Corum quality standards. As for the scale length, you can count on 650mm. The guitar weighs not more than 7 pounds and feels very lightweight when held, even if this is the first time you hold a guitar in your life.


  • A classic Spanish design with modernist features
  • Great cocktail of cedar, mahogany and rosewood
  • Savarez Cristal Corum strings
  • 650mm scale length
  • Very durable battery
  • Impeccable reputation
  • Almost instant response
  • Clean sound
  • Fishman Isys+ tuner
  • Highly customizable tuner
  • Cost efficient
  • Quite durable & light weight
  • Very comfortable and easy to play
  • Both acoustic and electric


  • Excellent for both newbie and intermediary level players, but not the best for actual professionals Could use more futuristic features
  • There are more professional models in the same series


As a short final conclusion, there is not too much to ask from Cordoba C5-CE Iberia Series Acoustic Electric Classical Guitar. It simply takes care of all your necessities, but up to a particular level. Most people will get along with this model without any issues at all. A specialized electric guitar might be more appropriate to large scale professionals only. Other than that, this model is a perfect mixture of classicism and modernism.

4.Fender Modern Player Tele® Plus Electric Guitar Review

Excellent for: music teachers, newbies, professionals, occasional players

Fender Modern Player Tele® Plus

Selecting the perfect electric guitar will prove to be an intimidating challenge sometimes. Unless you play this instrument for many years and you know exactly what to expect or what to look for, chances are you will feel overwhelmed by this widely diversified market. Fortunately, there are some front runners. Begin this venture by identifying the top brands first, then focus on their best selling products. The entire job will seem a lot easier in this manner. With this conclusion in mind, Fender seems to be one of the most appreciated guitar manufacturers in the world. The manufacturer is deeply involved in the music industry and also provides amplifiers, tuners, stands and all kinds of accessories. It sells all over the world and it has a solid reputation among both newbies and professionals.

When it comes to browsing through its numerous guitars, some of them can definitely stand up in the crowd because they can satisfy more necessities. Middle solutions are highly recommended and this is when Fender Modern Player Tele® Plus Electric Guitar steps in. This is not Fender’s most expensive guitar, but not the cheapest one either. Instead, it is somewhere in the middle, hence the huge appreciation and good rankings. But with all these, it is still worth checking out its features. Make sure that you know what your priorities are, as well as your expectations. The more you know about it, the easier it becomes to convince yourself that this might be the right option for your musical venture.

Why we believe that electric guitars represent a better option than acoustic alternatives

No one can deny the benefits of acoustic guitars, but from many points of view, electric guitars like Fender’s Modern Player Tele® Plus unit are a lot better. First of all, newbies will love the possibility to hold down chords without too much effort. The neck is normally shorter, so the position is more comfortable. Strings are also easier to deal with because they are relatively soft. While you might need some practice as a beginner, playing an electric guitar is a piece of cake. You can customize your playing style without really putting too much pressure on the strings. Learning goes even further than that though. It also implies dealing with barre chords. They look challenging at a first glance, but these should be your first steps. Fortunately, the light strings will give you a hand and help you understand chords in an easier manner.

Electric guitars are not recommended to you only, but also to your family. Do you feel like practicing in the middle of the night? How about an early morning? How about doing it at 3PM when your parents are taking a nap? Whether it comes to your family or perhaps your neighbors, plugging some headphones into the amplifier gives you the chance to play the guitar without driving everyone crazy. All these elements will give you more flexibility, but also the freedom to become familiar with the guitar in no time.

Fender Tele® Plus

Exploring the relevant features associated with Fender’s Modern Player Tele® Plus guitar

The design is probably the first thing to draw some attention. Fender’s electric guitar looks old fashioned and classic, yet it is enhanced with a glossy appearance. It has that faded and discolored brown design of wood, but it shines and feels futuristic as well. The black and brown combination adds to the warm appearance, as well as the light colored neck. However, while the appearance adds to your style, it is not the most important thing to pay attention to.

The actual functionality is given by the features. This model provides an exquisite amount of usable tones. You have a humbucking bridge pickup, as well as a middle pickup for support. The Tele neck pickup represents a patented technology. Obviously, these three solutions will enhance your playing capabilities and give you access to tones that you have never even thought they existed. As if all these were not enough, you have five different switching options. Besides, the toggle for coil splitting ensures that you do not have to make any effort in order to access the tones.

The vintage looking guitar is made of a tight combination of pine and maple. The body is mostly made of pine, while the fretboard and neck consist of maple. Maple is known for being heavier than other materials, but it ensures a top notch durability. The guitar weighs 10 pounds. It is fairly easy to get used to it, even if you are a complete newbie. The ergonomic construction underlines its main purpose – built to play fast. It makes no difference how aggressive your tunes are. At the same time, dealing with soft sounds is just as easy. Finally, this guitar is available in two color variants, but you may also find some upgraded and more expensive variants for it. It is up to you to identify your necessities though.


  • Vintage appearance makes it look classic
  • Great for both amateurs and professionals
  • Shiny gloss gives it a modernist design
  • Entirely made of pine and apple, which might last forever
  • 6 strings & 3 pickups
  • Very durable & solid reputation
  • Neck is C shaped
  • Clean sound
  • 22 jumbo frets
  • Five ways to switch pickups
  • Cost efficient
  • Plenty of usable tones
  • Chrome elements add to its luxury design
  • Very comfortable and easy to play
  • Available in a few designs


  • Newbies might find the numerous features a bit confusing
  • The Tele pickup might be harder to access due to taking the guard off
  • There are more professional variants in the same series


In the end, no one can deny the cost efficiency of Fender Modern Player Tele® Plus Electric Guitar. This guitar looks perfect from most points of view. It is highly recommended to all categories of people, so do not hesitate to benefit from it.

5.Epiphone EJ-200CE Acoustic-Electric Guitar Review

Excellent for: music professors, acoustic and electric uses, professionals, newbies, occasional players

Epiphone EJ-200CE Acoustic-Electric Guitar Review

Not sure what to look for in a good electric guitar? You are not alone in this venture since plenty of people go through the exact same difficulties. It can be challenging to make the difference with so many models out there. Generally, you should begin this venture with a solid research of several brands. Find the front runners and look for a specialized manufacturer. Epiphone is not new at all in this industry. In fact, it is responsible for developing a wide array of guitars – both acoustic and electric. Each of them has some specifications, hence the necessity to do your homework. You need a product that will rise to your expectations and ensure a good final experience.

Browsing through all these products might be challenging. You have to find the best sellers though. Best sellers also come with high rankings, not to mention about the reviews given by current and past customers. We have found Epiphone EJ-200CE Acoustic-Electric Guitar to be a leading product from the prestigious manufacturer. Basically, it looks good, but it also comes with a solid performance. It can be used with both acoustic and electric purposes, yet the electric uses are a lot simpler and way easier to get used to. Read on to find out what we have discovered about his guitar. Check out the pros and cons, but also try to figure out what you truly want from this adventure. There is just no better way to make the wisest decision.

Reasons for recommending acoustic-electric guitars over specialized guitars

The truth is that specialized guitars – acoustic or electric – can help you gain as much as possible from a particular style. But then, there are a few requirements in order to actually benefit from them. First of all, you must be familiar with what the right style. You have to be perfectly sure that you will not switch to the other style or you will need a different guitar. Second, you do need a lot of experience. A newbie is less likely to tell the differences between an acoustic electric guitar and a specialized one. Believe it or not, even some professors have difficulties in doing it, so you obviously require many years of intense lessons in order to do it. Most people are able to tell the differences by checking the specifications only.

Keep in mind that while you might love the electric style or just find it easier to accommodate to, there are situations when you will require an acoustic solution too. Unless you are a real celebrity with albums and own music, you will probably play popular music or just come up with some covers. Not having this second function limits you to specific styles. With these ideas in mind, an acoustic electric guitar is by far a better option. Fortunately for you, Epiphone’s EJ-200CE guitar is one of these models. The electric profile is amazing and can successfully compete with more popular or reputable units as well.

Epiphone EJ-200CE

Discover the features and reasons wherefore Epiphone’s EJ-200CE is a great choice

Judging by the numerous reviews and good testimonials all over the world, Epiphone’s EJ-200CE is by far one of the most popular guitars in the world. It adopts a classic shape. It might look a bit old fashioned, but once you see the gloss, you inevitably forget about this idea. Basically, this model is a subtle cocktail of classicism and modernism that will draw a lot of positive attention. It is made of spruce and maple. The brownish design with black accents is great, while the back provides full fret access through a cutaway. The neck is also made of maple and ensures a 25.5” long scale. As for the fingerboard, it also adopts a vintage rosewood style.

The guitar comes with a new and patented system – the eSonic2 pre amp solutions. The system has been built in a tight collaboration with a German company. It practically defined the built in tuner, which is very simple to use. When the tuner is on, the output mutes everything, including the playing noises. You have the freedom to unplug and enjoy the atmosphere without exaggerating with the noise too. You also gain access to a master volume, a blend and an indicator that notifies you when the battery goes low. Stick to the same batteries because they are more durable and very lightweight.

While small parts often seem irrelevant, most specialists agree that they can often make the difference. The hardware parts should definitely not be overlooked. Overtime, Epiphone has gained a lot of popularity due to its quality hardware. In fact, it is said to be the best in this industry and this guitar makes no exception either. Functionality and an exquisite style are the elements that you should look for. The gold screws match the design, while the Grover tuners guarantee for a perfect result.


  • Vintage appearance makes it look classic
  • Great for all levels of personal experience
  • Shiny gloss gives it a contemporary appearance
  • Made of maple, spruce, and rosewood
  • Innovative built-in pickup
  • eSonic 2 preamp
  • 25.5” scale length
  • Easy and full fret access
  • Cost efficient
  • Plenty of usable tones
  • Gold screws
  • Grover tuners
  • Quite comfortable
  • Easy to get used to


  • Does not come with a case, yet it needs one
  • Slightly heavier than other similar guitars
  • Sounds might seem different if the strings wear over time and require replacement


In the end, it is obvious why Epiphone EJ-200CE Acoustic-Electric Guitar sells all over the world. It is built with quality in mind and this should be one of your main concerns when dealing with music. It is highly recommended for professional uses, but it is also good to learn about it. The cost efficiency adds to its overall appreciation as well.

Aside from boosting your artistic skills a little, you might want to give your kid the same opportunity too. In fact, there are more children taking classes and learning how to play instruments than actual adults. There is one thing that makes the difference – the actual dedication.

Kids have no idea what they need, so they might get bored overnight. This is why you should not invest in expensive instruments up front. But when it comes to you, you know already that passions will resist for a lifetime. Finding the awesome electric guitar will most likely add to your experience.

Why we believe electric guitars are a lot more advantageous than other types

There are a series of different types of guitars out there. Choosing the right one can be the most challenging part, especially if you are new. Most commonly, you will need to choose between acoustic and electric guitars. While no one can deny the benefits of acoustic guitars, we have found out that electric alternatives are a lot better.

Most importantly, finding the best electric guitar gives you the possibility to master the volume. It takes a lot of time and hard work to learn how to play a guitar, but then, you probably know already that your neighbors, parents or kids will not really enjoy hearing you play all day long. Fortunately, electric guitars come with adjustable volumes. You can also eliminate the amplifier and practice without it.

Of course, the sound is not the same, but you can still practice chords, ideas, playing styles and hand positions. Furthermore, you can obviously turn up the volume too, only to take this experience to the next level and perhaps impress your family members with a little show.

Electric guitars are also easier to learn on. Strings are normally thinner. They seem a little fragile, but this fragility is actually great to get used to pushing and plucking strings. The guitar neck is thinner, so finger positioning is perfect. Plus, the overall setup is lightweight. Feel free to put the strap over your head and enjoy the show. Generally, the electric alternative is simply more user friendly and accessible.

We aim to help you identify the best model for your personal expectations

We know that finding the top electric guitar can be very intimidating. There are a wide plethora of models out there. Some of them come from world renowned brands and might cost a lot of money. Others are cheap and made in the middle of nowhere. Some electric guitars can cost up to ten times more than others, yet they might look almost identical.

We do not recommend buying the most expensive guitar because it does not necessarily mean that it is the best one. We believe that the cheapest one is not the best either, even if you are not truly sure about your expectations and needs. Buying a cheap guitar will ruin the experience for you, so you will probably not feel like moving on with this venture. Instead, we suggest following cost efficiency.

We have chosen the best selling electric guitars in the world. They sell and they benefit from good recommendations, so they are definitely worth a lot of attention. We know that choosing yourself can be challenging if this is your first guitar, so we have reviewed these best rated units, only to ensure that you make an informed decision.

When you know what to expect from an electric guitar, making informed decisions is a way simpler job. All you have to do is identify your expectations and ensure that they match the particular characteristics of a guitar. From that point on, finding the perfect electric guitar is a matter of time only.

Electric Guitar Effects Pedals – The Right Companion To The Guitar

Electric guitar effects pedals are a pretty important way to get the particular sounds from a electric guitar you’d like to have from a specific circumstance. It is not necessarily consistently attainable to duplicate the sound you want without assistance and that is where this type of effect becomes really useful to any guitar player.

When you first look at electric guitar effects pedals the choice you will find is very large. There is a fantastic range of sounds that can be achieved simply by plugging your guitar through one of these devices. For those of you who are unfamiliar with these types of devices then I would suggest that you listen to any music with an electric guitar centered band and find out how the voices from the guitars alter in between tracks or maybe even while in the tracks. The probability is what you really are experiencing can be described as electric guitar effects pedal converting the tone of a guitar in order to match a given feeling or maybe statement which the publisher of the music or possibly musician needed during that special point in time.

Modifying the tone of a guitar can in reality become the sound that you become known for. There has been many groups you could immediately tell who they are by simply hearing the opening bars of a melody. Some performers will enjoy the fact they are known for this sound, whilst others may wish to move away from that association and not be stuck there.

Electric guitar effects pedals are manufactured by a number of different companies some of which have names that you will be familiar with because they are also manufacturers of guitars, others are specialist brands that are only known for their pedals and as such tend to produce signature models with performers who use their product.

Today, the diversity of sounds that can be achieved is almost limitless when the combination of electric guitar effects pedals is combined with audio techniques utilized. The opportunity to make the guitar generate a feeling that’s in tune with the track has become simpler and also the expertize of people using these pedals is growing continuously. You will need to remember that you don’t need to take advantage of these types of pedals in isolation. They may be assembled directly into what is known as the electric guitar effects pedal chain in which the tone from your electric guitar may be put via a number of different sound transforming products so once the last tone comes out through the amplifier at the end this doesn’t appear like the first sounds the slightest bit. Just as before, the greater it’s attempted then further special plus different sounds can be accomplished. 

Overall, incorporating virtually any new kinds of electric guitar effects pedals like tremolo,vibrato or octave pedal will provide the musician the opportunity to enhance the music with a tone that could strengthen the atmosphere. Which way that is made use of moving forward might inevitably have an effect on the path whereby they wish to move, musically. My own advice will be to experience the many hundreds of diverse permutations and acquaint oneself as to what each and every effect brings you. For me, I reckon that any pedal-board packed with electric guitar effects pedals usually appears to be quite beautiful as well.


In the end, making a final decision is entirely your responsibility. But then, it is worth noting that a little education and research will open a lot of doors. With hundreds of electric guitars out there, it might be difficult to go in the right direction, hence the necessity of an extra hand. Identify your expectations, read our reviews and buy with cost efficiency in mind.