Best Skullcandy Earbuds Review 2019 – List of Top 15

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Skullcandy as a brand had been manufacturing one of the finest headphones so the industry. We love how the brand had put an amazing blend of design, durability and musical provenance on one box. With a team of highly qualified engineers, their patented sound technologies are what made them unique in the field.We take the scope to list down the best skullcandy earbuds.

In this article, we have a mission to get you the best available headphones from the brand. The task wasn’t easy. But our brilliant research team has filtered them out will all the quality criteria and finally, had been able to present a list of 15 products. Here, you’ll have some best skullcandy wireless headphones, some mini and over-the-ear headphones and some typical headphones.

The price varies within a wide range starting from about $15 to about $200. So, there is a good chance you can meet the ends no matter whatever your budget is.

We're highly satisfied with the way we'd been able to figure out the real-time features of these earbuds. Hope you'll be as well.

Are Skullcandy Earbuds Good?

There is a strong reason we’re writing this 6000-word article on one brand named Skullcandy.

The fact is, out of all these brands like Beats and Sony and so on, we’ve found Skullcandy to be one of the most promising headphone manufacturers in the industry.

The brand produces a wide variation of headphones, but as long as you have 15 best headphones from the brand, you can choose the best fit for you. And that’s what we’ve done here in this article.

Why Do Earbuds Break Easily

We have found great reviews and positive vibe about the headphones from the brand Skullcandy. But some of them includes one old rumor- why do these headphones are reported to be break-prone.

Well, there is an answer to this question.

When the brand started producing headphones almost 10-12 years ago, the industry was just at its early stages. Few of the models were not having not so great body and structure. So, when people started to use them roughly at outdoor, some of the pairs broke.

But in 2018, that's not the scenario at all. Skullcandy knows the drawbacks in its design and certainly had overcome it very well.

Types of Skullcandy Earbuds

Based on the connectivity, the headphones from the brand Skullcandy can be divided into two types- wired and wireless. Of course, the wireless ones are likely to be used with a Bluetooth connection established between the device and the headphone. Here is how they differ-

Wired Earbuds

The wired headphones from the brand are likely to be used in light workouts at outdoor and all the desktop purposed at indoor. They are cheap in price and the wire quality is made to be durable. Some other brands cause connection problem with the wire after 6 months of a year of use. But that’s definitely not the case with Skullcandy.

Bluetooth Earphones

The smartest kind of headphones from the brand is the wireless ones. A wireless headphone is meant to be a right compaction while you’re jogging or working out, or just on the go. They are free of all the cable-hassles and are extremely light in weight. The string Bluetooth connection that the brand provides works from even 35 feet of distance. So, if you’re free of the budget tension, you can definitely go for a wireless headphone from the brand.

Skullcandy headphones can be divided into categories from the sense of modes as well. Here is how-

  • check
    On-Ear Headphones-Navigator, Lowrider, Cassette, Up rock, Icon 3 etc.
  • check
    Over-Ear Headphones-Mix Master, Hesh 2, Aviator, Crusher etc.
  • check
    Earbuds or Earphones-Fix, Heavy Media, Smokin’ Buds, 50-50, Titan, Chops etc.

All right, so that was the list guys. Let’s had to the review section of the article-

Top 15 Best Skullcandy Earbuds Reviews

The name Skullcandy Smokin’ Buds 2 may sound quite ridiculous, but trust me, this is the finest model of headphone that the brand has ever produced. This is not actually for everyone who needs a headphone. But if you are a music freak who’s up to boosted bass, this is it.

The Skullcandy Wireless Smokin’ Buds 2 has the best feature around to produce premium quality music with any distortion and noise. It's powerful, balanced and mixes the highs and lows of sound frequencies. It's the most welcome addition to growing headphone industry.

Skullcandy Smokin Buds

The ‘flex collar' is another part of the attraction. It's basically a removable neckband. It allows you to set it according to your preferences. As an example, if you want to go for the rubberized band, you can fasten it gently right on your neck. This also prevents tugs on the wires. Also, to help you more with the cable management, there comes a clip to tie it with your t-shirt.

There is a good opportunity to chose the color of the chrome/black/white/red. No matter you're a guy or girl, you can always find the best color combination and design of Skullcandy Wireless Smokin’ Buds 2.

The best part of this best Skullcandy earbuds reviews is, the bass booster and bass response. The intense bass content is a gem for each and everyone that loves to be in deep music.


  • Supreme quality bass booster.
  • Perfect mix of high and low frequencies.
  • The flex collar is removable.
  • Wireless connectivity with a strong connection.
  • 6 hours long battery life.
  • The mic and microphone are on board.
  • Affordable price-quality ratio.


  • The extreme bass can be little excessive for some.
Sports Earbuds Review

At the #2 pick of the list, we’ve decided to put something that’ll put a smile on our readers who’re looking for a quality headphone within affordable price-quality range. Therefore, Skullcandy Xtplyo In-Ear Sports Earbuds is another popular pick that serves with great mobility and sound quality within a good price range.

It has a handful of other features as well. We’re taking you through them all.

While you’re in the market looking for an earbud that can play music on your ear while you're working out or having a day out. The triple lock technology that Skullcandy Xtplyo In-Ear Sports Earbuds comes with, is highly adjustable to that.

Moving forward, this headphone is completely sweat resistant. So, no matter how much you sweat during your workout session, no sweat can inter the headphone and harm its functions. Moreover, if you want to hold both your phone calls and music at once, there is a build in remote control and mic built in.

Also, five different models and color schemes come along with the model. You can choose the right color as your personal preference. Even, some of them lie at extremely affordable price. So, again it's a getter as long as your cost is considered.

Overall it's the best budget-friendly Skullcandy headphone of our list. Our experts recommend it strongly.


  • A perfect sports earbud within budget.
  • Triple Lock technology for perfect fitting in.
  • The grip, shape, and design are the right fit for people of any age.
  • Designed moisture and sweat perfectly.
  • No need to sacrifice your soundtrack.
  • Five different models and colors available.
  • Universal mic and remote available.


  • It's not water resistant.
  • Not comfortable enough to sleep with.

Getting wire-free in a jog is something that we all desire. And if you’re one of them, Skullcandy xtfree Bluetooth wireless microphone is there for you. This is a recent release from the brand and soon it had become the wicked solution to everyone who likes it to be light and loud.

It’s called wireless. But it doesn’t mean that it doesn’t sport a stiff headband. But there are a set of supply cables that would go around the backside of your head and that’s the only one cable that you need to deal with.

Skullcandy XTFree Bluetooth Wireless Sweat-Resistant Earbud

This music machine is something that will serve you for hours of loud and rocking music. It’s capable of running through 6 long hours once you charge it to the fullest.

As we mentioned, the headphone is made to be a perfect companion on the go. So, of course, the user will have sweat. But worry not. The Skullcandy xtfree Bluetooth wireless microphone is made is a way that is sweat resistant. The sonic welding also gives it a string built, which makes it a long-lasting one.

The way Skullcandy XT Free Earphone fits right in your ear is awesome. It has a triple lock technology that locks the headphone in the ear for long hours. Also, the antibacterial ear gel works fine against happening any kind of damage to the ear.


  • Sonically welded shut.
  • So, light in ears or neck.
  • 6 hours of non-stop battery life.
  • Completely sweat resistant.
  • Comes with antibacterial gel to protect the ear.
  • Onboard remote control and mic.
  • Comes with 4 different models.


  • Isn’t so charge-efficient as claimed.
Method Bluetooth Wireless Earbuds

When you are not expecting to get messed around with a bunch of wires of a headphone, Skullcandy Method Bluetooth Wireless Earbuds is the best choice available. The m9del features an advanced dual lock technology of fixing the bud in the ear. Also, it’s flexible and completely around-the-neck.

So, you can have it for long hours of intense workout sessions.

Talking about working out, the next relevant question is, will it be sweat proof?

Well, we have good news here. The headphone is constructed with advanced materials that are both waterproof and sweat proof. As a benefit, no matter how much wet your ears get, it won't harm the interior and exterior of the earbud. And you will be completely safe from moisture and perspiration.

Never miss a call anymore when you're working out. The is one of the best skullcandy wireless headphones has a built-in microphone that will allow you to receive and decline a call within working with it remotely.

One of the best parts of this battery is, the durable battery provides 9 hours of long service. So, you can enjoy an entire day out with the fully charged headphone is the pocket.


  • Secure design and light in weight.
  • Completely wireless.
  • Fits perfectly around the neck.
  • Stays fit in the ear even you’re on a helmet.
  • Bluetooth connection works from 33 feet.
  • Sweat resistant design.
  • Top notch durability.
  • 9 hours of battery life.


  • Requires expensive Li-ion battery.

If you’re a lover of supreme quality sound right on your ear, we’ve got yet another good quality product. Skullcandy Ink’d Bluetooth Wireless Earbuds is another release of wireless headphones which can be the best music companion ever.

This is on one of the best skullcandy earbuds that stands out from the perspective of sound quality. The noise isolating technology reaches you a rich, clean and clear audio across all the types of music. No matter you’re in the zone of country music, rock music, jazz music or anything else, best skullcandy wireless headphones will serve you with the best.

Ink'd Bluetooth Wireless Earbuds

Apart from these standing out features, it carries everything else that a good quality headphone has. The built-in microphone and remote control have all kind of facility that let you control the phone calls. Also, you can switch between music and calls, and control the volume of the music.

The last impression best skullcandy earbuds left on us is its price. When you'll get a supreme music quality with all kind of mobility facility at such a price, you'll put a smile on your face too.

So, we think if you’re in search of best quality headphone for the road, this is the one that we would recommend.


  • Extremely flexible in design.
  • Lightweight as 2.72 lbs.
  • 8 hours long lasting battery.
  • Supreme sound quality.
  • Built-in mic and remote control.
  • Noise isolating technology.
  • You can track the music and volume level.


  • Not perfectly compatible with iOS 10.
Crusher Bluetooth Wireless Over-Ear Headphones

From right here of our Skullcandy earbuds reviews, we’re going to switch from sports earbuds to over ears headphones. The first pick of the list is Skullcandy Crusher Bluetooth Wireless Over-Ear Headphone.

Skullcandy Crusher Bluetooth Wireless Over-Ear Headphone is a headphone with a dual driver with a crusher that can power up the 40mm audio driver. Also, to get you the low-frequency music, it has a set of additional subwoofer driver. So, you won’t miss any bit of sound of your favorite music track.

The bass is one special sector of this discussion. You will have an adjustable bass with cases control over a complete range. So, you can find the perfect balance of bass at any moment, anywhere.

Moving forward, the wireless mobility will add up to the functionalities of this headphone.

One special thing that I would like to mention is its extremely long battery life. Technically it claims to have a 40 hours long battery life. But that doesn’t work perfectly in nature. However, when it’s time for a full day out with music, Skullcandy Crusher Bluetooth Wireless Over-Ear Headphone can be the right companion for you.

Another set of features that’s worth mentioning is its high acoustic performance. The isolated design, the refined music delivery and the perfect blend of music experience. And all these music level can be controlled right from the ear cap.


  • The music power is dual immersion.
  • The bass level is adjustable from the ear cap.
  • Upton 40 hours of battery backup.
  • Completely wireless.
  • 6 hours long battery life.
  • The design is capable of isolating the noise.
  • Built-in mic powered by Bluetooth.


  • Only two colors come with the model.

At this point of the review, we’ve got Skullcandy’s one of the most variant headphone model yet. Skullcandy Crusher Headphones is one such model that comes in 15 different colors and designs. For such a price range, this is one of the rarest ones that offers so many variations in one headphone model.

It has many other features that are worth mentioning. And we're going to take you through them all.

Crusher Headphones with Built-in Amplifier and Mic

First of all, it’s the music driver. The Skullcandy Crusher Headphones has got a music driver that's Skullcandy's own patented. It's called the sensation55 and its crushes a supreme quality bad experience.

Also, the world-class team of audio engineers has developed another driver named REX40, which is available in some of the 15 model variations.

In almost every model of the list, both drives come along together and that’s the best thing that happened to Skullcandy Crusher Headphones. While they’re both on performance, you’ll be taken through an amazing acoustic porting.

The built-in amplifier is another piece of excellence for the Skullcandy Crusher Headphones. Because of the presence of this amplifier, you can feel the weight like almost nothing on your ears. The amplifier can derive high power from the AAA batteries and deliver a superb quality music at any moment.


  • Adjustable bass control.
  • Bass sensation slider.
  • 15 color and design variation.
  • Dual driver acoustic porting.
  • Powerful and very realistic bass experience.
  • An amplifier with built-in placement.
  • A good quality prices.


  • Runs on low-efficiency AA batteries.
 Heavy Medal Ear Buds With Mic3

We wonder a lot about how Skullcandy the brand has produced so many headphone variations where each of them performs top notch when it comes to music quality. Skullcandy Heavy Medal Ear Buds is another example of the series and this time, it’s a mini airbud.

The best thing about the headphone is it's extremely compatible and mobile is size. The earbuds that are put in the design of the model is really something that fits right in your ear and isolates you from the world around.

One of the most complained issues about such headphones is its cable quality. Poor cable quality leads to poor acoustic sound and less durability. But with Skullcandy Heavy Medal Ear Buds, this is surely not the case. The cable of this headphone is made of Braided Nylon. So, you can leave the worries of durability or music performance away.

Also, the 3.5mm input connection is a good fit for almost any kind of devices. No matter it’s an Android, MP4, iOS or any other device that can play music, Skullcandy Heavy Medal Ear Buds will fit right in.

Although there is only one size available for this one, Skullcandy Heavy Medal Ear Buds will be surely on your short list of mini earphones from the brand Skullcandy.


  • Cool and deep black shiny design.
  • The 11mm driver provides supreme quality sound.
  • The material and housing of this headphone are really nice.
  • The braided Nylon chord promises superb durability.
  • Compatible with any kind of devices.
  • Perfectly handcrafted and detailed design.
  • Has a mic(Mic3) with the device.


  • Extremely high in terms of price.

Right now, you're going to the section where we're discussion mini headphones that may not come with battery backup, but performs extremely god when it comes to design and music quality. The second installment of the list is another highly popular pick- the Skullcandy Full Metal Jacket.

At the first glance, you may not find anything so special in this headphone. But when you’ll be having a closer look, things will be different than what you assume.

Full Metal Jacket

The 11mm speaker is small but strong in performance. The type of magnet that is used on this headphone is NdFeb. You may not understand what this means. But to a technical person, this is one of the most reputed magnets when it comes to branded mini headphones.

Let’s look at the technical factors for quite some more. The frequency is a big matter of concern in these types of headphones. And in case of Skullcandy Full Metal Jacket, the frequency range is from 12 to 20 kHz. This may not be covering a low range of frequencies, but still, for a rock music lover, it won’t be an issue.

Also, the maximum impedance of this headphone is 16 ohms. The maximum input power is 500mW. What it means is, it can be the line-in headphone for almost all type of devices. Moreover, it’s line in mic will allow being a companion of iPhones, Blackberry and Android easily.

The sound quality is full ranged, the design is lovable and the price is also not breaking your bank. Surely, you can give it a try.


  • 11mm magnet speaker diameter.
  • Extremely good quality magnet put in.
  • 500mW power input.
  • Can play with an impedance of 16 ohms.
  • Full ranged sound, especially for high frequ3ncies.
  • Maximum durability.
  • Cool black design.


  • Poor at playing low-frequency sounds.
Hesh 2 Bluetooth Wireless Over-Ear Headphones with Microphone

If you’re looking for a budget-friendly over the ear headphone, you’re actually looking for Skullcandy Hesh 2 Bluetooth Wireless Over-Ear Headphones. Which is, however, the lucky #10 on our list. We highly appreciate the way Skullcandy had put all the essential musical features at such a low price. And that's also the reason why thousands of its users have loved it equally.

Skullcandy is a gainer when it comes to designing cool headphones and earbuds. But in case of Skullcandy Hesh 2 Bluetooth Wireless Over-Ear Headphones, they’ve put themselves to limit. Because the cool black design and shiny finish is something that thousands of its users loves. I'm sure you'll be one of them as soon as you get it right on your hands.

The comfortable model of headphone is a product of Hesh 2 sound technology. What it does is, it produces super attacking, warm and powerful bass. So, play the play button and you’ll be immersed in highly natural and live music beats.

The cushion seems to be a problem for low grade over the ear headphones. But Skullcandy Hesh 2 Bluetooth Wireless Over-Ear Headphones uses a premium grade and leather-made cushion instead. And the result is instant. You can have a smooth touch on all over your ears and dive down in your longest playlist.

The battery life is another point of concern for us. Thankfully, Skullcandy has taken is seriously as well and put a loving battery life in the headphone. It can go for 15 hours constantly worth an LED indicator of low battery life when comes to less than 10%.


  • Hesh 2 Supreme sound technology.
  • Comfortable and soft cushion design.
  • A very flexible headband.
  • 15 hours of battery life.
  • Connects to any Bluetooth enabled device.
  • LED indicator for low battery life.
  • A volume controlling buttons.
  • Has a backup AUX cable.


  • Battery life could’ve been more.

The name of the product quite represents what’s the best thing about this headphone. Yes, it’s the extreme level of comfort that you always crave for. The Skullcandy S2SUHX-174 Strum Maximum Comfort Earbud is one mini headphone from the brand that suits almost every type of ears and provides the maximum amount of comfort to each of them.

Actually, ears and their shaped differ a lot from person to person. So, does the preferred type of headphones. Keeping it all in mind, the Skullcandy S2SUHX-174 Strum Maximum Comfort Earbud Is made to be comfortable for every type of them. It will catch up the natural direction of your ear’s canal and deliver the best sound waves through it.

S2SUHX-174 Strum Maximum Comfort Earbud

The nozzle of this earphone is a good fit with off-axis technique. What typical headphones have is a round nozzle. Instead, this one has an angled and oval-shaped nozzle. Surely, this fits your ears better than any other model else.

Moving forward, the universal remote control and mic are there. Although you have this feature in almost every product of a good set of headphones. But the controllability is far better in the case of Skullcandy S2SUHX-174 Strum Maximum Comfort Earbud.

Last but not least, it’s the sound quality. Of course, you can't compromise with the sound quality just for a comfortable bud. The good news is, you don't have to. This model here is a custom tuned speaker that provides a perfect combination of powerful; bass, natural and warm vocal and of course precious high frequencies.


  • A comfortable headphone for people of any age and type.
  • Fits in the ear smoothly and doesn’t get out.
  • Made of the oval shaped angular nozzle.
  • Delivers supreme sound quality with balanced bass.
  • Universal remote and mic comes with the model
  • A good price for the features it offers.


  • Amplifier quality isn’t so good.
Women's XTFree Bluetooth Wireless Sweat-Resistant Earbud

We are at #12 on the list of best Skullcandy earbuds review, and here at this point, we’ve got something that is mainly built for women. Girls out there might be really happy to hear that. And the way to be happier is, this Skullcandy Women’s XTFree Bluetooth Wireless is a great music producer as well. Once we explain all the features of it, you’ll get it right.

The headphone is called a ‘Microsport’ one. What it means is, it won’t be heavy on your ears and shoulders and the Bluetooth connectivity will keep you from any kind of hassle with wires.

The body and design of this headphone are made with PureClean technology. It provides a strong built and a sweat-proof layer of protection. Don’t forget that how much you sweat while you’re working out on gym or outside. But as long as Skullcandy Women’s XTFree Bluetooth Wireless is here, no need to worry about those sweat.

The ambient ear gel is provided with the frontal panel of this headphone. As long as you can't sacrifice anything for the safety, don’t let the stacked air phones harm the ears of yours. Use Skullcandy Women’s XTFree Bluetooth Wireless and stay safe from these threats.

Another thing we'd like to mention about this model it isn’t extremely charming and fresh design. It smells great and looks even greater when one wears this out on the park or even on the gym treadmill. So, as long as you’re willing to be stylish with the headphone, Skullcandy Women’s XTFree Bluetooth Wireless is for you.


  • Extremely lightweight to feel heavy on the shoulder.
  • Made to be sweat proof.
  • Comes with Pure Clean technology from the brand.
  • The shut is sonically welded.
  • The mic and remote is on board
  • A perfect fit for girls.
  • 5 color variations


  • The price-quality ratio could have been better.

From the series of Smoking Buds, this product is the latest release. If you're looking for a budget-friendly headphone that checks every point of quality and design, Skullcandy Smokin’ Buds 2 In-Ear Bluetooth Wireless Earbuds is for you. We’ll tell you how-

The wireless connectible headphone has a removable flex collar that allows you to customize the size of the headphone with ease.

Smokin' Buds 2 In-Ear Bluetooth Wireless

Also, the sound quality of is this earbud is extraordinary. In fact, if you want to have a full-form music in the midst of leisure moments. And as long as the performance of previous customers is concerned, you should be making a wrong deal.

In the meantime, let’s have a look at other good features-

The amount of money that you invest on Skullcandy Smokin’ Buds 2 In-Ear Bluetooth Wireless Earbuds, will be returned to you right away. Besides, as it has almost no noise from external, you can get involved into deep musical flavors.

It’s made of string Bluetooth technology. So, you are out of all the hassle regarding wires and cables. The neck collar is another opportunity to remove completely. So, you can move except it whenever you want.

The battery backup is 6 hours only. That’s not bad but we expected a little bit more from this brand. However, it’s okay for a day-long use. Hope that would be fine for you as well.


  • Premium quality sound.
  • Powered by 100% Bluetooth connectivity.
  • The flex collar is removable if you want.
  • The mic and remote are provided on board.
  • 6 hours long battery life.
  • An extremely good choice within mid-level budget.
  • Smart and elegant design.


  • The battery life could have been better.
 Chops In-Ear Sweat Resistant Sports Earbud

We’re almost at the bottom of the article, and over here, we have a comparatively mini version of sports grade outdoor headphones. The name is Skullcandy Chops In-Ear Sweat-Resistant Sports Earbud and it looks like absolutely for outdoor activities. The design is perfectly built to be fitted on ears on any size. For this adjustment, the brand didn't take help only from the rubber buds. But also added a plastic holder on top of the main headphone.

The hinges that can swivel around its axis is a big plus of this headphone. You can swivel it around when you need to pay attention to sounds around. As you are done, you can put it back to where it was with just one press of the finger.

Also, the device is completely sweat resistant. The construction is completely sealed to protect against any kind of sweat and water.

Moving forward, let's talk about the music quality. This chops in earbud will be a sure supplier of bass-boosted warm music. Also, a perfect precision on highs and lows, a natural vocal tone- these are just another set of good features of this Skullcandy Chops.


  • Comes with ear holders.
  • The holds have swiveling hinges.
  • Completely sweat and waterproof.
  • 30% more stable and secure in the ear.
  • No harmful effects on the ear.
  • Wired with durable wire material.
  • Powerful sound with natural vocal.


  • The wire bends a lot.
  • No inline mic or remote.

Finally, we’re at the very bottom of the list, and at no. #15, we have a product that is prominent because of its high durability. We’re talking about Skullcandy Grind On-Ear Headphones, which is built in a way that it lasts for even years. There are of course some virtues regarding the other features. But honestly, we loved this one the most.

The first thing about Skullcandy Grind On-Ear Headphone is, it’s made to be comfortable on the ears. The plush foam adjustment, the comfortable inserting method, the camber adjustment and many other features made it be super controlled.

Skullcandy Grind On-Ear Headphones with Built-In Microphone

We’re talking about the durability of this device, which is so far, the best thing about this earbud. The grind and durability of the material had been improved a lot keeping the string construction in mind. Also, the metal headband adds a lot to the design.

Moving forward, the cable that it uses for music transmission is completely detachable. What I mean is, when you don't need to hear the music, you can spare the cable and store it with ease.

Like all other Skullcandy productions, this one is a good music producer. The bashful attacking, the natural vocal and every other mix is there. So why don’t take a chance?


  • Built to last for long years.
  • The device reaches extremely comfort experience.
  • The cable can be detached from the headphone.
  • The microphone and remote are in line.
  • The cable does not tangle up.


  • Should have wireless technology.

How to Wear Skullcandy Earbuds?

No matter it’s a Skullcandy earbud or not, it would be useless if you find it loosing around or falling out. So, as we’re talking about skullbud headphone sin this article, we have to make sure that you know how to get the most out of each of the headphones.

Here is a step by step guide on how to wear a Skullcandy earbud properly-

  • Identify Ear Labels
    First of all, pull out the headphone and check out the ‘Right’ and ‘Left’ labels printed right on the body of the earpiece. Once you’re done, move to next step.

  • Attach the Foam Tips
    If the headphone requires an external ear foam, you will find a set of them in the box. Pick of one medium-sized ear foam and place it safely in our ears.
  • Check the Foam Tip Adjust ability
    Now check whether the foam is adjusted to the shape and size of your ear. If it doesn't there will be another set of foams with different sizes. Try out another one till you find the best match for your ears.
  • Check and Enjoy
    Now plugin the headphone with the device. It can be both wired and wireless headphone. In case of wireless connection, you need to do a Bluetooth pairing. You’ll find the necessary guide in the manual.

Done with the adjusting? Great, let’s move forward.

How to Choose Skullcandy Earbuds

Think About the Cost of the Sound

If you are among those persons who have a thought of budget and the price-quality ratio, then budget might be the first thing that crosses your mind. Fortunately, we think in the same way too.

The Skullcandy headphones on this list covers a wide range of $15+ to about $200 per unit. So, if you're thinking of a budget pick, go for a wired, small and mini earbud. On the contrary, if you don't have the limitation of budget, the door to the highest quality Skullcandy headphones is always open

Too Tight or Too Loose?

For many of us, fitting up a headphone is more important than the sound. Some of the Skullcandy headphones come with fixed ear foams provided. And they are supposed to fit for almost anybody.

If you want to get a little more adjustable with the size, go for those models which come with a set of ear foams with the headphones. I’m sure that after a couple of trials, you’ll find the right fit for your ears.

Dog the Dongle

Some of the cables are wire built, where the others are remote built. Of course, with wireless control, you get a better comfort on the control. But with the wireless features, the price also rises a bit. On the other hands, wired headphones cost way less keeping the sound performance same.

Final Verdict

We’re at the very bottom of the list of best skullcandy earbuds reviews of 2018. We hope you’ve enjoyed the entire session and of course, found the right fit of headphone right away. We’ve tried our level best to keep every sort of headphone on the list for every type of our beloved readers. Starting from budget-confined buyers, or the design-lovers or the sound freak buyers- everyone will surely find the best fit for headphone on the list.

Very best of luck with your purchase. Cheers!

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