7 Best Acoustic Guitar Brands Loved by Famous Guitarist

Are you new to playing the acoustic guitar? I would like to know if you are interested. Or have you started playing your first notes? Maybe you are a more experienced player switching over from electric or some other type? I want to help you find the best acoustic guitar brands. And see which one if right for you.

Different brands make work for different players. A certain brand may work for beginners, another for more intermediate types, and yet more for those who are advanced. During this article, maybe you will find the guitar for you.

It helps to treat an acoustic guitar as your friend, or at least a family member you are close to. This is an instrument you need to form a bond or relationship with. This way you can form a better understanding of your guitar and the type of playing it needs.

You will come away with a much better style as a guitarist and an overall appreciation for the overall music it brings to your life. And the music it brings to others.

History of The Acoustic Guitar

The lineage of the acoustic guitar can be traced back to an instrument from The Middle Ages. It had a round back similar to a lute. The first modern acoustic guitar was known to appear during The Renaissance.

The body and size during this period started to look more like its familiar shape. There was also an instrument within Spanish musical culture known as Vihuela during the 16th Century, three kinds of these existed. One was the Vihuela de arco.

Yet this was similar to how the modern violin was played. The other was the Vihuela de penola, played with a plectrum (also known as a pick).

The last being Vihuela de mano was very similar to the earlier Gittern. Both involved hand movement at the sound hole or the sound chamber for the instruments to create music.

In France, many start making and manufacturing them as they became popular. This is also the instance where the modernized term guiterne became the earliest form of guitarre as the 16th and 17th Centuries progressed.

By 1790, six course guitars were being sold and manufactured in Spain with six unison pairs of strings instead of five. In the 19th Century, the modern six string cheap acoustic guitars were now being produced. Giving us the design and model we have today, albeit with a smaller frame.

Acoustic Guitar Buying Guide - Things To Consider

Size of The Guitar and Maintaining Longevity

At first glance, the question most of you will ask yourselves is ''What size guitar do I want?''. I recommend whatever size makes you feel the most at ease in your playing.

It could be a small guitar or ukelele style instrument you can fit inside your pocket. Or it may be a very large guitar that might take up the player's whole body, such as Guitarron Mexicano I do not mean this will necessarily will result in any of you buyers purchasing guitars of these sizes.

Only factors to look at before you make your selection. Also, if you take care of them, they can last for years and years. Especially if you polish your guitar and put in a safe place.

Use a clean rag and the best polish available. Do not leave it unattended in an open space. You never know when it can fade or break down.

Shopping and Browsing For Guitars

No matter how many strings are on it, make sure your strings are tight and in working order. This also means to make sure your instrument is tuned right. Whether these are cheap acoustic guitars or something expensive you have saved up your hard earned money for.

I am only writing to help those reading this determine the best acoustic guitar brands for beginners. And, reading this, you are possibly one of them. At some point, you may walk into a guitar shop and see a bunch of them. Having no idea which guitar or brand might be the right one for you. Yet it does not always have to be this confusing.

You may choose to browse or sight see, taking your time to discover which is the right one. In my opinion, you might want to decide the right brand or type of guitar before you even make your final decision.

The guitars in this same shop most likely are of many different brands and sizes. Just remember to be clear and concise about the instrument you select.

Is The Acoustic Guitar Right For You?

Everyone has different tastes and preferences. Do you feel an acoustic guitar would be the best instrument suited for you? Are you sure electric would not be your best choice?

You may prefer the energy and technical feedback of plugging in an electric guitar and playing at a loud noise level. This article is indeed about finding the best acoustic guitar brands for beginners. Yet a part of this also focuses on finding the right instrument for your talent and playing skills.

There are so many options to choose from. You should look over all of these choices and consider a lot of factors before making your final decision. Your selection might be of the acoustic variety. Yet again, you may prefer the electric equivalent.

Do not put too much emphasis on acoustic versus electric Focus on the instrument best suited to you and your musical needs. Above all, his journey should be about discovering what kind of guitar player you are.

Plectrum Or Finger style?

In addition to which type of guitar is best suited for you, I would recommend finding the best playing style for your needs also. Would you prefer to use a guitar pick? Or do you prefer to pick with your fingers. This is all subjective and everyone is different.

Guitar Picks often work best with electric guitars and certain acoustic instruments. While picking with your fingers often works with acoustic instruments. Not only guitar, but others such as the banjo.

Another factor is the playing styles of both. With a guitar pick, you mainly just learn to play the basic three or four chords. This is a good technique when you are learning play a song.

Especially when you are learning to play in the popular genres. Such as country, rock, blues, or pop. Yet picking with fingers allows for playing with any combination of your thumb and fingers.

There is more dexterity and freedom in playing this latter style. Again, this article's intended focus is on perfect acoustic guitar brands. Yet remember this process is also about you.

 Our 7 Best acoustic guitar brands Reviews:


Yamaha has a variety of acoustic guitars. Such as its Concert Classic Series from 1968. Among these is gc 60, Concert Classic 80, Concert Classic 100, Classic Concert 120, and Classic Concert 150. 

There is also its C Series from 1984 with some of its guitars made in a small body frame. These being C-30S, C40, C-50S, C-170A, C-200A, C-250A, C-300A, C-400A. There is the Grand Concert Classic series, also from 1968. Such as the CG-150 and CG-180a.

Along with other CG models CG-100A, CG-120, CG-120A, CG-151, and CG-171sf. There are also its GD counterparts, including the GD-10(C), GD-20(C), and GD-20(E)(CE). The last being from 1990 to 1992.

Such artists who use a Yamaha acoustic guitar are Andy Abad, Amy Abdou, James Black, Denny Blake, Joe Bonamassa, Shon Boublil, Lincoln Brewster, Patrick Carey, David Choi, Justin Cotta, Alex Dakoglou, Lance Dary, Billy Dean, Clayton Gibb, and Shaun Groves.

There is also Peter Hayes, Chris Henderson, Rob Houston, Johan Jorgensen, Chad Kroger, John Lecompt, Greg Leisz, David Levita, Johannes Linstead, Clint Lowery, Ben Mauro, Edwin McCain, Andy McKee.

A good handful of names who have plied their craft with a Yamaha acoustic guitar and spent many years of their lives playing such a durable instrument.

2. Fender

Fender is best known for its electric Stratocaster guitars. Yet it also has its own best acoustic guitar brands for beginners. Three of these would be the T-Bucket 300CE, Sonoran SCE, and the CD-60S All-Mahogany.

These few are among the many brand of Fender acoustic guitar. Many professional musicians have also used Fender their go to brand of guitar. Such as The Edge and Adam Clayton U2 and David Gilmour from Pink Floyd.

Among others are Mike Campbell, Chris Shiflett, and Josh Dorr. The bands Striking Matches and Real Estate also use Fender Acoustic Guitar. As does Pete Townshend from The Who.

Yet these are just a small list of the many names who use this brand of guitar. The actual list of names are varied to list. In fact, having me name them off might take up too much of this article.

Whether you want to buy cheap acoustic guitars to practice as a hobby or emulate your favorite musicians and follow in their footsteps to a professional musician, Fender might be the right brand for you. But it does not help to be so choosy about your brand of guitar right away.

3. Ibanez

Ibanez is a lesser known yet is one of the top acoustic guitar brands. Due to its sheer versatility and diversity in guitars. Although a couple celebrities do endorse the brand through Joe Satriani's Signature JSA line of guitars. And Steve Vai's EP line. 

The Artwood model is also among their top lines. Whether it be the original Artwood, Artwood Vintage, or Artwood Vintage Thermo Aged. There are also other models such as PF, AE, AEW, AEG, AEL, and EWP.

Ibanez also offers Talman, Acoustic Bass Guitars, Classical Guitars, Ukeleles, Resonators, Mandolins, and Banjos. There are also Jampacks and Left Handed Models.

Ibanez has diverse and multi-cultural range of acoustic guitar artists, giving it international appeal. There is Gepe (a.k.a Daniel Riveros) from Chile, Martina Blazeska from Macedonia, and EMJI from France to name a few.

Other international artists who use Ibanez are Cim Frode from Sweden, Vincent Gross and Anna Kaenzig of Switzerland, and Marlene Schaff in France.

Also using the brand's acoustic guitar are Liliana Delgado-Leyton of Colombia along with Matthew Lowe and Tom Sweet of The United Kingdom. Japan has quite a few guitarists using this brand, such as Ryo Ogiwara, Yuta Okada, and Miton Usui. Germany also has some very skilled players in Peter Henrici, Patrik Prziwara, Tobias Rauscher, and Jorg Roth.

4. Martin & Co

Martin & Co is also less known. Yet maybe one of the top acoustic guitar brands for beginners. They offer New Models, Limited Editions, Special Editions, Authentic & Vintage, and Custom Signature Editions.

There is also Martin's Retro Series, Standard Series, Performing Artist Series, its Road Series, along with its 15, 16, 17 Series. Also, they produce the X Series, Little Martins, Juniors, Ukeleles, and Backpackers.

They also FSC Certified and Discontinued Guitars. Renowned artists who use Martin Guitars are Brandy Clark, Ellen King, Sam Hunt, Anderson East.

There is also Flo Morrisey, Megan Kapinoe, Taylor Goldsmith, Father John Misty, Brett Dennen, Chris Cornell, Aaron Nigel Smith, and Adam Gardner of Guster. Other Martin artists include Amanda Shires, The Avett Brothers, Band of Skulls, Ben Howard, Banjamin Francis Leftwich, and Chris Carrabba of Twin Forks and Dashboard Confessional.

Yet this does not even scratch the surface on the artists they have. As Chuck Ragan, City and Colour, Cody Simpson, Colbie Caillat, Craig Ross, who is the lead guitarist for Lenny Kravitz. More of them use Martin such as Danny Davis, Del McCoury, Dierks Bentley, Donovan Frankenreiter, Ed Sheeran, the member of the band Frightened Rabbit, and Gabrielle Aplin.

5. Gibson

Gibson This brand is best known for its Gilbson Les Paul model. Named for the country, pop, and jazz guitarist who developed one of the first electric amplifiers for guitar use. He did by connecting a phonograph needle from his acoustic guitar to a radio speaker. 

As well as overdubbing and multi-track recording alongside building a whole line of guitars for Gibson. Nonetheless, Gibson continues to sell and manufacture its own brand of acoustic guitars.

Such as the Dove Abalone Custom Guitar, Western Classic, CF 1000E Collectors Edition, SJ 200 Autumn Burst, Hummingbird 12 String, SJ 200 Wine Red, J 45 Vine Custom, J 45 Rosewood Torchwood Edition, J 45 12 Fret Edition, Hummingbird Standard, Hummingbird Vintage, and the Songwriter Studio model.

Among those who use Gibson acoustic guitars are the country music band Lady Antebellum, Miranda Lambert, Brad Paisley, Darius Rucker, Sugarland, and Keith Urban. Others date back to even Mother Maybelle Carter and Bob Dylan is also a Gibson practitioner.

Another example is blues and gospel singer Reverend Gary Davis, who influenced Dylan, members of The Grateful Dead and John Sebastian of The Lovin' Spoonful. Along with Jorma Kaukoken of Jeffersonn Airplane. He taught many future guitar players himself.

6. Taylor

Taylor has a number of good acoustic guitar brands. Such as their Taylor 200 Series Deluxe 224ce-K Grand Auditorium Acoustic-Electric Guitar. There is also its GS Mini Koa Acoustic-Electric Guitar, its Big Baby Taylor Acoustic Guitar, its GS Mini-Mahogony Acoustic-Electric Guitar, the 300 Hundred Series 314ce Grand Auditorium Acoustic-Electric Guitar. 

In addition, you have the 200 Series 214ce Grand Auditorium Acoustic-Electric Guitar. A 300 Series 324ce Grand Auditorium Acoustic-Electric Guitar, a Mini-Mahogany Acoustic Guitar.

There is the 200 Series 21e Deluxe Dreadnought Acoustic-Electric Guitar. And both a 200 Series 214ce Koa Deluxe Grand Auditorium Acoustic-Electric Guitar and the Baby Taylor Mahogany Acoustic Guitar.

Notable artists who use Taylor Acoustic Guitars are William Ackerman, Russ Freeman, Michael Hedges, Leo Kottke, Dave Matthews, Jason Mraz, Steve Stevens, Taylor Swift, W.G. ''Snuffy'' Walden, Billy Joe Walker, Dave Carroll.

Other artists include middle of the road AOR artists Air Supply and Christopher Cross. Country artists Alan Jackson and George Strait also use Taylor Acoustic Guitars, as do Eagles guitar Don Felder and one of their songwriters, Jack Tempchin.

Along with Richie Furay, formerly of Poco and Buffalo Springfield. Other users include Fleetwood Mac's Lindsay Buckingham and Bon Jovi's Richie Sambora. As are Daryl Hall and John Oates.

7. Epiphone

Epiphone This brand has its PRO-1 line, which includes Spanish Classic, Classic 3/4-Size, Acoustic, Classic Acoustic, and Plus Acoustic. And also offers Limited Edition guitars such DR-100 Wine Red, the 1963 J-45, the 2014 Hummingbird Artist, EJ-200 Artist, and the Elitist 1964 ''Texan'.

There are also the PR-150, DR-100, AJ-2205 and DR-212. Paul McCartney plays a 1964 Texan FT-79. He has used to write many of his songs. He has also performed with this guitar onstage.

Most notably to perform the song ''Yesterday'' on The Ed Sullivan Show as a member of The Beatles. Still uses this guitar to perform the song with his own band Wings and a solo act. Bob Dylan and Marc Bolan of T. Rex have also been Epiphone users.

These choices are no doubt subjective and will vary for each person. Yamaha or Fender acoustic guitar or what the brand , it does not matter. Whichever brand or design best suits you is all that matters.

Although it may take a good while before you find the right guitar. And this is perfectly natural. It takes time and it does not happen overnight. Just like the process of learning the guitar itself.

But, in the end, it is worth every penny. As long as you take care of your instrument, it can be an investment. Not just of your money, but also the time you spend playing it. And the more you learn and practice, the better you get at strumming it.

Becoming a very skilled acoustic guitar player is not easy. But if it were, anyone on the street could pick up an instrument and do it.

How To Take Care of An Acoustic Guitar

As I said before, you need to polish your guitar to keep it looking sharp. Whether it be typical polish, varnish, or possibly buffer and wax. Even the oldest guitar you own needs to look good.

Another good place to put it would be a guitar case. That is, if your guitar does in fact come with one. Many in fact do, but not always. Keep it zipped up or under lock and key.

Then put it in the closet, or some other private location in your house. Maybe even in a large safe or vault, if you are one of the lucky few to have one.

I would recommend you not have it laying around. This is not very smart, as someone you think is your best friend could walk in and steal it. In such an incident, you may never see your prized instrument again. Sad to think about, but it does happen.

Trust no one with your acoustic guitar, whether it is your hobby or you plan to make a career out of it. You need to take the best care of it that you can. No excuses, it may be one of the greatest things you own.

Final Word

All in all, I want to see you succeed at your passion. No matter if you do this in your spare time. Or if you truly want to embark on the hard road known as the life of a professional musician.

Hopefully, these steps will somehow help you in your pursuit of buying, learning, and playing the acoustic guitar. It is my hope that this instrument and your desire for it will bring you a lot of joy and happiness.

The acoustic guitar cannot be the only thing in your life. But to get really good at playing it, a major portion of your time must be dedicated to build such an understanding. Alongside the work ethic, craft, and dedication that it takes to reach this place.

There are so many factors, even beyond those I have mentioned above. In fact, there are too many to mention that it would many write ups to express the smallest percentage of such tips and lessons.

And there are an endless number of professional musicians and guitar teachers who can do a better job than me. Enjoy the journey you are on and do not give up! Even when this undertaking is at its most difficult. Staying with the guitar is worth it.

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