What is a Baritone Guitar ?Best Baritone Guitars In The Market

Baritone guitars were introduced in the 1950's. They were mainly used as background music, for movies and especially videos and westerns. During this era, they are best known in the heavy metal and folk and rock world of music.

Many famous musicians, such as the Evers, the Beach Boys, Motely Crue, Tacoma, and Glen Campbell loved to use them. The baritone sound is deep, effective, and the driving force of the grrr.. word that players, desire to come from this instrument.

​What is a Baritone Guitar?

baritone guitar

​It's part of the bow and string world of instruments. It helps improvise musical sounds. It's a guitar with a large body and have long strings. The baritone guitar chords, tuning, and scales are just like any other guitar, except the pitch change.

The guitar allows heavier strings to tune down a 4th and 5th range. You can also determine variations, from A to A, or the outside of the strings. Baritone guitars are incredible, because you can do many things with little or no experience.

​The baritone acoustic guitar gives you emotions that you cannot get from any other guitar. It's an appealing sound, with a dark tone and haunting vibe. The main advantage of the sound is that is lower than classical instruments. The facilitated stringing of the chords, paved the way for bands and orchestra.

​Baritone Guitars Tuning

​The baritone guitars tuning is fascinating! It can turn from low to high in E A D G B E. It gives you a perfect fifth, fourth, and third range. The most popular scale to use is 27" with at least 12 gauge strings.

Most players also like the medium set, used over the .070 bass strings. Whether the large strings gives you a deeper sound, a thinner bass, can also add string volume.

​Acoustic guitars are called "steel strings" and the strings come in gold and bronze colors. There is a 80/20 bronze that is very popular and give the guitars and better sound. The steel string acoustics have a unique type of bridge that hold the ends of the strings in place. The baritone acoustic guitar is mighty and it's a sound for the soul.

​When you use the guitar in the jazz circles, it gives modern vibes and guitarist like Alvarez and Linda Manzer often use it the baritone, for powerful effects. Rock artist like Chevelle, Evans Blue and Ian Mackaye, play the six-string guitar, because they can tune it up and down, as they rock-and-roll- across the stage.

Heavy metal artist, love to use the drop B and C, and they appreciate the scale lengths. Many use them for solo performances and the compelling effects, that acoustic bring to the atmosphere.

​Many guitar players relish the low tone, the beauty, and the fullness that gives them as the 27 or 28 scale range sounds roar. The sound effects resonates in any room, and the strings, allows their fingers to work for great music.

Some questions why the strings sometimes flop. The answer is that it needs to be tuned. It must be also be the length between the bridge and the neck. When you use string sets of 10-46 range, these guitars should refine to E. When you use short scale ones, the bass models are 32" scale.

​The world of this instrument has amazing scale, and is typically 30 inches, with a wide narrow neck. It is mainly for the pitch range in between the regular guitars and the bass. Most distinguished the difference between the Fender Bass VI and Danelectros. The seven string guitar, is common among them, and has scale lengths of 25-26.

​The lower frequency is what is different, than other guitars. It also has a large chamber and achieve low frequencies with incredible play ability. Some guitar players, like them tuned to be a fourth low, B to B, which make it 27" scale, which makes the sound exciting.

Besides,The bass and rhythm of this sound is described as beautiful and some say you can feel sounds in your spirit. Guitar players love to play the baritone for the low scale length and is perfect for baritone guitar tuning, which can be played high or low.

It's not about the six or seven strings, but about the low tuning and the scale length. The scale length improves by the string gauge and fine tuning. The baritone guitar chords, adds value to the low tuning.

​Types of Baritone Acoustic Guitars

There are three types of baritone acoustic guitars: Semi-Hollow, solid body, and the hollow guitars. They are designed in a variety of tones- maple, mahogany, laminated hardwood and more. These guitars bring us momentous sounds.

Semi Hollow

semi hollowbody ES-345

The semi-hollow guitars became popular in the 60's and 70's. A solid wood block runs through the center, attorney high volumes and a mellow one. They are perfect for grinding, and remain the middle ground between the solid body and the hollow body models.

Alvin Lee used the ES-345, which was very popular and many players wanted to use this type for jam sessions. It's a beautiful sounds resonates from the semi-hollow guitar. Guitar players reminded of old school jazz versions, when they play semi-hollow guitars.

The Solid Body

Gretsch solidbody

The solid body guitar round neck was first built in the 1930's, and later created an arch top, and sporty pickup, like single coils, humbuckers and piezo-electric types. This instrument gives you a quick response, maximum power, and full control.

Gretsch is the more popular brand. It's body feature chamber is a variation of a deep twang, awesome pickup, and it also has a sizzling tailpiece. The sounds that comes from it is beautifully harmonic.

It's baritone is the essence of what this guitar brings to the music world. It's great for silent practicing and it's acoustics are impressive.

The Hollow Body

The hollow body guitars have many volume options and an array of tone. They are popular types as the SG, which Gibson makes. These best baritone guitars sold daily, and are collection items in many musical instrument circles.

They also create a smooth tone, which is perfect in country, jazz and concert settings. The acoustic warm sound, howl and the deep effects resonate in any environment. John Lennon loved the hollow body guitar, and he played them with style zeal.

The ES-150 was also a favorite style for the hollow body guitar and also of of the best baritone guitars in the market.

Ibanez AG95 Hollowbody

The hollow body comes in D'Angelico, Gretsch, Ibanez, Yamaha, Taylor, and many other brands. These iconic instruments are ideal in diverse genres as rock, blues, country, and jazz musicians hold them dear to their hearts.

People love the neck, body, fret, tailpipe, gauge and the pickups. Vintage guitars are popular these days and the cost of them are skyrocketing. Surprisingly,Many of these instruments are in the hollow guitar family and are sometimes over-priced.


It's a joy to the hear the deep impact acoustic sounds that stream from the strings. If your going to be tuning to tone B, you should consider a 6-string or 7-string guitar for it's scale length.

It's excellent and the neck intonation helps the bridge, to get the scale necessary for an ideal sound. Of course,You can experiment with the different gauges, change the scale and tone the chords for a charming baritone sound.

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