What Is Guitar Volume Pedal? Best Guitar Volume Pedal Review

Modern guitar playing is very much depended of different types of gadget. Now a days most of the guitarist use tremolo pedal, octave pedal & many more to sharpen & credible their creation. Guitar volume pedal is another addition to their list of gadgets.

What is a Guitar Volume Pedal

A Guitar volume pedal is a device which uses to control the loudness of a guitar. This apparatus is also an important device that is usually part of the effect accessories that are fitted in a guitar since it assists in delivering some sound-effects when using a guitar.

Types of Guitar Volume Pedal

Some types of these volume pedals that are popular include:

  • Low impedance volume pedal: It's a pedal that comes in a variety of effects so as to adjust following the requirements of the user.
  • Mono Volume Pedal Junior: It is a little type of volume pedal, which fits in paddle boards without much struggle. It also has two options for sound volume.
  • Volume Plus Pedal: It is a particular type of pedal that can utilize for rhythm and playing guitar. It is also has a foot pedal, which makes resetting a bit easier.
  • Volume Boost Pedal: It is a type of pedal that plays a crucial role in boosting of sound and it's shaping.
  • Gain Volume Pedal: It's a volume pedal that needs no batteries and deals with the sounds that keep on changing.
  • Pan Volume Pedal: This is a type of volume pedal that assists in controlling the guitar's panning signal correctly.

How to Buy the Best Guitar Volume Pedal

When going out to the market or surfing the net to purchase a volume pedal, there are some tips you will need to put into consideration:

1. Sound transparency of the pedal:Transparency simply means that the sound that will produce finally will be the original sound.

When you go out looking for a guitar volume pedal, consider thinking about the transparency of the sound that will be created by that volume pedal.

2. Tone loss/Tone suck: One of the issues that easily becomes a concern is tone loss. This is usually seen when you encounter a different tone from the one that you had set for the expected outcome. Therefore, when you go for a volume pedal see to it that you have purchased a pedal that will less likely alter the tone of your final sound.

3. Passive vs. active: When it comes to the issue of passive and active guitar volume pedals, you have to be careful as you could be adding to the quality of your sound or destroying it.

Passive volume pedals will not require to power up, but you will have to be careful as to where you place this kind of pedal in your signal chain, as it could easily affect the sound that you receive in the end.

​For passive volume pedals, you should be careful of the instruments that you require to use together with the pedal, and not only that; one will also have to concern about the impedance involved, which you will measure in ohms.

​As for the active pedals, they are usually powered up, and you will be less concerned regarding where you put it in the signal chain.

4. Build quality: When you are out shopping for a volume pedal, be careful about the build quality offer by the manufacturer. It is usually preferred that you go for the pedals that will come with a metal enclosure. The quality of you pedal is something that can affect it regarding the durability, so you should be careful on that.

5. Stereo vs. Mono: This is not much a bother when looking for a volume pedal. It will usually affect those people who are seeking to get a volume pedal that will serve both mono and stereo devices. However, most guitar chains are in the mono form, so this shouldn't be such a worry.

6. Tuner output: Various volume pedals come with a tuner output that is not part of their primary output. This comes in handy if you require connecting a tuner pedal to your volume pedal and tune when needed. When you are using a tuner output, and your volume pedal is passive, you will need to be careful not to affect the end tone.

7. Adjustability/versatility: Some the volume pedals are just simple when it comes to adjusting the way they function; one will only need to move the pedal to the front and back to increase or reduce the volume.

​Others are more versatile, in that they will allow you to change the lowest volume level, the way in which the volume curve performs as you step on the pedal, etc.

8. Pro player usage: Each professional guitar music player may have a certain volume pedal that they are usually accustomed to, and that may mean that they may only prefer particular types of volume pedals. Therefore when choosing among volume pedals, pick a pedal that will probably be like the type you prefer or similar.

Ernie Ball Volume Pedal Review

Finally, when looking for a pedal, consider a pedal like Ernie Ball which is among the best companies if not the best in production ad selling of guitar volume pedals.

Features of Ernie Ball Volume Pedal:

  • A compact design,manufactures of durable aluminum.
  • Powerful gain boost that allows the users to increase the audio signal.
  • They are equipped with a Tuner output for silent tuning when the pedal is at the heel point.
  • A micro taper switch button to allow for two different volume swell speeds.

Advantages of Ernie Ball Volume Pedal:

  • These pedals offer an excellent quality as compared to their similar pedal types in the same price range.
  • There is barely any tone suck in Ernie Ball volume pedals, which is a significant advantage regarding the final sound produced.
  • Ernie Ball volume pedals come with very high-quality sound in comparison to other volume pedals.
  • The pedals from Ernie Ball are usually versatile and have a good selection of sound effects.

Final Thought

In conclusion, while you decide to buy a volume pedal, do not look only at the price of the volume pedals. This can be misleading. Consider the final product that you will get from the product you choose, and also consider getting views from other users, regarding the pedal that you have decided to purchase. This will save you a lot of money, and most of all it will make you happy and content.

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