Best Noise Cancelling Headphones – What To Consider Before Buying

Noise canceling headphones is not a new concept at all. However, they still represent an innovation for a lot of people who have not had the opportunity to try them on. Whether they believe that regular headphones can handle their necessities or they have no clue what it means to cancel environmental noise, a lot of people fail to understand the benefits of a noise canceling unit. Those who have tried one of the Best Noise Cancelling Headphones can agree that they benefit from a higher efficiency at work and a deeper state of relaxation as they travel or study. For example, music has never been better defined. It is crystal clear and gives you the opportunity to hear sounds that you have never heard before. Understanding audio books is a piece of cake, while relaxation naturally becomes part of the process.

​How To Buy Best Noise Cancelling Headphones

noise cancelling headphones

​All in all, when looking for best Noise Cancelling Headphones, chances are you will end up with a lot of potential models on your hands. Choosing the optimal model can be a real challenge, but it can be done if you follow some simple tips and tricks. A little research is highly recommended. Do not just dive in without doing your homework. Instead, you should know what to look for in noise canceling headphones, need to be familiar with some classification criteria and identify the pros and cons of several products. All these elements might take a few hours or even days, but this is what it takes to choose the perfect headphones for your needs. Besides, our experts are here to help you out.

Discovering the most important things to pay attention to in noise canceling headphones

​Just like most other things in life, noise canceling headphones must be purchased with some principles. There are specific things that are more important than others. Doing your homework will help you overlook useless bells and whistles, but it will also give you the opportunity to figure what elements actually make the difference. So what should you be careful about?

Types and models indicate the most important things in the process. Determine what types of headphones you are looking for before even setting up a budget. Become familiar with these types and learn the pros and cons of the two main categories – ear pads and ear buds. Full sized headphones should not ignore either. There are both passive and active solutions in each of these categories. Some people like those headphones that cover the entire ear. Some others find them inappropriate for their styles or hairstyles, so they would rather get some subtle ear buds. Every category or type has both strengths and weaknesses, so a little research will only open up new doors in your search.

Small features may often be taken for granted, yet you will be surprised that they are not. If you can find a microphone in pretty much any type of low end pair of headphones, it does not mean that solid noise canceling headphones have it too. If you need this feature, you better ensure that it is there. The same rule applies to other apparently granted ideas. Not all ear cups are swiveling or adjustable, just like not all headbands can be enlarged or tightened. Write down a list with your main necessities. If you are still not perfectly sure about these things, just read some reviews and guides. You will most likely find a series of aspects that you have never even thought about.

Battery lifetime is critical in wireless headphones. Most other noise canceling headphones do not necessarily require a battery. They are plugged in and they start working right away. However, this is not the case in wireless alternatives. Since they do not use any wires, you want to know how long the battery can support you. Luckily, most units can provide around half a day of continuous running time. Wireless noise canceling headphones also come with wires, so you can plug them in if you run out of battery.Figuring the reasons wherefore noise canceling headphones represent your best options

​What our experts are here to help you with

​Our experts have joined this struggle in order to give you a hand. Perform a simple search over the Internet for noise canceling headphones. What do you have? There are dozens of different brands out there. There are even more products. Which one do you choose? Even if you know that you need to research features and reputation standards, you are less likely to do it for all those products anyway because it may take months. This is when we step in.

​We have identified the most prestigious brands and manufacturers out there. We have mostly focused on those brands that provide a good ratio for price and performance. After all, you want the highest value for your money. From that point on, choosing between just a few dozen products becomes way easier. But even so, we looked for the best selling products. Best sellers are usually the best rated models too. It is not hard to spot them, but it does take some time.

​The informative section on our website aims to educate you a little. You need to know more about how noise canceling headphones work, not to mention about their benefits and classifications. Find out what to look for and what tricks to pay attention to. Second, our experts have also reviewed those front running products. Our reviews are very detailed, but also unbiased and crystal clear. Find out how some of the features work, but try to determine their benefits, pros and cons as well. Only then you can consider spending your money.

​Common Types Of Noise Canceling Headphones

​If you take your time to classify noise canceling headphones in categories, you will be surprised to find a wide variety of models and criteria. Every feature can become a classification criteria if you think about it. However, not every category has enough solid representatives to gain any attention. All in all, here are some of the most common groups out there:

  • Wireless noise canceling headphones
  • Noise canceling headphones with mic
  • In-the-ear noise canceling headphones

Just like you are probably guessing already, each of these categories has both pros and cons. When it comes to wireless headphones, you will love the extra freedom associated with them. Just think about all those tangling wires around your laptop or computer. You clearly do not need an extra one. Plus, think about its short length. Most headphone wires barely exceed 3 or 4 feet. You are restricted to being close to the device. If you have an old computer, you might need to turn the unit around in order to access the audio port and extend the mobility. You can forget about your favorite position, just like you can forget about moving around too much. As if all these were not enough, try to imagine watching TV from only 3 feet away. Whether you own a home theater system or just a classic wide TV, you clearly do not want to feel like in the front row of a cinema. Therefore, a wireless connectivity is often a main necessity.

Noise canceling headphones with mic are not to be ignored either. Do not make the mistake the assume that most headphones come with built in microphones because they do not. Even if you believe that you will never use the respective microphone, it is still worth having it. When it is built in, chances are it will not add to the overall costs. Buying it separately later on will cost a lot more. Other than that, you never know when you might need it. Maybe you apply for a job in a different country. You will have to take the interview online. Maybe you have some friends living abroad or perhaps you enjoy meeting new people from all over the world. Gaming enthusiasts will also love having a microphone for a solid and instant communication.

Finally, in-the-ear noise canceling headphones represent an alternative to the classic ear pads. Bulky headphones do not always represent a solid solution. They cannot actually match an office or elegant dressing style. Besides, they cause a lot of trouble if you wear earrings or you got glasses. In-the-ear headphones are more subtle, yet they provide a very high quality as well. In order to make things even better, they give you the opportunity to wear a fancy cap or perhaps adopt a funky hairstyle.

​Front Running Wireless Noise Canceling Headphones

​Wireless noise canceling headphones can be a bit diversified, while small details make the difference. Maybe you are interested in the battery autonomy, or perhaps you are more concerned about the range. These are some of the front running products discovered and reviewed by our experts.

Audio-Technica ATH-M50x

Audio-Technica ATH-M50x Professional Studio Monitor Headphones are developed for both amateurs and professionals. The extended frequency rate adds to the bass accuracy and depth. They perfectly isolate ears in loud environments by ensuring a deep enclosure. Ear pads are adjustable and swiveling, so finding the perfect fit becomes piece of cake. They are available in three different colors, yet the design is unchanged. Besides, these headphones have a removable cable. It is excellent when you run out of battery and you cannot actually recharge them on the moment. The build is solid and durable, hence the weight – around 2 pounds.

Sony MDR7506

Sony MDR7506 Professional Large Diaphragm Headphone is a cost efficient pair coming from one of the most reputable brands in the world. The enclosed ear pad design guarantees for an astonishing sound quality, while the extended 10-20,000Hz frequency adds to the sound detailing. This set is foldable and comes with a carrying case, as well as a long cable measuring about 10 feet. They give you some extra freedom if the battery drains while you play your favorite music, so you can use them further. The padded headband adds to the comfort as well.

Bose QuietComfort 25

Bose QuietComfort 25 Headphones represent some of the leading names in this industry. They are designed with performance and comfort in mind. You can wear these things all day long without having to worry about the pressure or any discomfort. The battery is very likely to last for more than a whole day, while the built in microphone and in line controls add to the convenience of this headset. The airline adapter gives you the possibility to connect the headphones to entertainment systems in planes too. Besides, they are compatible with pretty much any device that uses the Bluetooth technology.

Exploring the best Selling noise canceling headphones with mic

​The necessity of a microphone may not always be obvious in noise canceling headphones. Unless you play multiplayer games over the Internet, talk to faraway friends or work in an office, its importance looks irrelevant. However, the truth is that it rarely adds to the price. It is a solid feature worth some attention, especially since you never know when you might need it. If you use the headphones with your smartphone, you obviously want to take phone calls without taking the smartphone close to your mouth. Since it is usually built in, the microphone will not disturb you in one way or another.

Audio Technica ATH-ANC7B SVIS

Audio Technica ATH-ANC7B SVIS Noise-Cancelling Headphones are ideal for pretty much any device, including smartphones, tablets and computers. The headset also works with airline systems. The in line controller gives you the opportunity to skip tracks, pause or start the music, take or end phone calls. You can forget about taking the mobile phone out of your pocket and answering manually. The fold flat design and lightweight profile make these headphones excellent for traveling purposes.

Able Planet True Fidelity

Able Planet True Fidelity Active Noise Canceling Headphones (Silver Chrome) come with the Linx Audio Technology, which is patented and guarantees for an exquisite environmental noise block. This model does not just have a microphone, but it also comes with wireless capabilities so that you can use it in an office, on the street or on a train. The AAA battery is included in the package, as well as a carrying case. As for the noise canceling abilities, you can count on the State-of-the-Art Active Noise technology.

Audio-Technica ATH-ANC7B QuietPoint

Audio-Technica ATH-ANC7B QuietPoint Active Noise-Cancelling Closed-Back Headphones are compact and lightweight. They are compatible with airline systems, but they also ensure a crystal clear microphone sound. Ear pads are large and cushioned and do not add too much pressure on your ears, yet they can be adjusted for a perfect enclosure. They only weigh 1 pound, so they are lighter than most other products in this segment. They are excellent for travelers, gamers, and office workers.

​Analyzing the best rated in-the-ear noise canceling headphones

​In-the-ear noise canceling headphones are better known for ensuring a comfortable and subtle appearance. They are also referred to as ear buds. The way they enclose the ear canal is quite simple. Just because they do not cover the entire ear, it does not mean that environmental sounds can get in. Most of them come with silicone or rubber tips to prevent noises from stepping in. They are very handy for people who dress elegantly, as well as those who wear glasses and cannot withstand the pressure applied by bulky ear pads. Furthermore, they will not ruin your hairstyle, but they are also more cost efficient because you do not have to pay for headbands, large ear pads, and other similar components.

Klipsch IMAGE S4

Klipsch IMAGE S4 In-Ear Enhanced Bass Noise-Isolating Headphones (Black) are excellent for any kinds of ear sizes. They come with three different sized ear tips that must be attached to the buds. Choose the right one according to the level of comfort. These tips guarantee for substantial noise canceling capabilities. This model comes with a stainless steel carrying case as well, not to mention about the internal organization. The frequency rate floats between 10Hz and 19,000Hz

​Sony Premium Lightweight Extra Bass Earbud Headphones

Sony Premium Lightweight Extra Bass Earbud Headphones With In-Line Microphone also comes with an in line microphone and controls. This set is practically the ideal accessory for your smartphone. It is compatible with the Smart Key application from Sony too, yet it is only available on Android. The fit is comfortable due to the three different silicone ear buds for an absolutely tuned system. The same buds are also responsible for the noise canceling the performance.

​AudioTechnica ATH-ANC33Is QuietPoint

AudioTechnica ATH-ANC33I QuietPoint Active Noise-Cancelling In-Ear Headphones (Black) can cancel the noise with up to 90%. The ANC circuitry is responsible for this ability, as well as the profound and detailed sound. This set has an in line microphone too. All the controls located on the wire, so you do not need to pull out the mobile phone in order to take phone calls or switch tracks. As for the comfort, the foam tips ensure a user friendly design, as well as a proper sound isolation.

Why You Need Noise Cancelling Headphones

​In a lot of situations, cranking the volume up is probably the only way to outweigh environmental sounds. The louder these sounds are, the higher the volume goes. It is easy to realize that such ideas can be quite dangerous, especially when you travel by plane or work in disturbing environments. You do not have to be a genius to realize that high volume is very likely to lead to irreparable hearing damage. If you choose to listen to music, you should know that it is not intended to be played at a high level. When music goes too high, you will find it very hard to enjoy it and identify particular instruments. Of course, specific genres of music are intended to be listened to loudly, but most music can provide a deeper and more vibrant experience at a low volume level.

How ​It Is Useful

​Noise canceling headphones represent a very solid solution in a lot of situations. Different people have different expectations, as well as different necessities. So what are the most common reasons wherefore you might need a pair?

Traveling is one of the most significant situations that can expose you to noise and disturbing environmental sounds. Aside from the noise produced by the train or plane, think about the people around you too. It makes no difference if you plan to study on your train trip, work on your flight or just take a long nap. Noise canceling headphones give commuters the possibility to take their rides to the next level, even if you are just trying to sleep.

Studying is yet another common activity that can “benefit” from noise canceling headphones. Nothing can be more annoying than trying to study when your neighbors play the music loud or your roommate keeps sending and receiving text messages. You do not necessarily need to play any music in the headphones, but just block most of the environmental noise. Some people also study in parks or while traveling. Obviously, external noises are very common in such places, hence the necessity to block them accordingly.

Richer music is not to be ignored either. Some people get these headphones only to enjoy their favorite music. While some music feels better at a higher volume, most music is way deeper when played at a natural volume. It becomes fuller and more vibrant. Turn the volume up and you will ruin the entire experience. With noise canceling headphones, you no longer need to do it in order to cover the noise produced by cars or people. Instead, enjoy the extra details and both high and low end sounds.


​As a short conclusion, our experts have practically conducted the entire research operation for you. They have come up with a very detailed informative section for you to educate yourself by the book. When it comes to the actual products, you got a few helpful tips and tricks, not to mention about the detailed and unbiased reviews. You got pluses, minuses and features explained in very small details. It is, however, up to you to identify your main necessities before spending your money.


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