Top 10 Best Phaser Pedal Reviews- Buying Guide (2018)

Many guitarists all over the world have to settle for the unique features of phasers as their secret weapons for producing customized sounds tones. In fact, a phaser is a tool that essentially played a major role in the various legendary records that were famous in genres such as rock, metal and even pop music.

Similar to picking your all-time beverage flavor or perhaps picking your favorite color to paint your home, choosing the best phaser pedal is a completely subjective experience. 

While no one might tell you the best phaser that will suit your needs, there are some various factors and features to take into consideration. In fact, before you purchase the best phaser for your music production needs, it is important that you gain insight into some of the exceptional features and highly rated models that are available on the consumer market today.







Instant Toggle

5.8 x 4.5 x 2.8 inches

5.8 x 4.5 x 2.8 inches

Variable rate control

7.8 x 4.3 x 4.3 inches

7.8 x 4.3 x 4.3 inches

Vibrato mode

4.4 x 2.2 x 2.5 inches

4.4 x 2.2 x 2.5 inches

Stereo I/O

5.0 x 3.0 x 3.3 inches

14.4 ounces

What is a Phaser Pedal

Phasers are special types of guitar pedals that provide clean electric guitar shimmering quality. The phasers are widely used on acoustic guitars, strings and electronic pianos, among various other notable guitar models.

Moreover,The best phaser effect Is based upon different types of all pass filters. Each filter passes all frequencies but changes their phase functionalities. When the new sound is integrated with the original audio, some frequencies will phase cancel while others combine to produce peaks and notches in frequency responses.

​In a sense, phasing is one of the best methods to give your tracks more juice and to make them come alive. Phaser pedals are used by music producers to filter sound and to produce various peaks or notches for unique sound effects.

In most cases, this tool received the sound signal from the musical instrument and then divides it into sections. The first signal is sent through the all-pass filter which changes the phase of the sound.

Following this, the two sound signals are then introduced to the new sound that is now out of phase and some parts of the sound nullify each other. Simply put, the phaser pedals enhance the sound and to produce unique sound effects.

​What Makes A Best Phaser Pedal

The phaser pedals allow music producers to try out various types of musical sounds and to also produces various sonic frequencies as well. The various sound effects are perfect for improving the quality of music playing by introducing subtle and unique changes that change the sound of the music.

However, these devices tend to operate in complex ways and with as many different design features. For this reason, the following is a basic guide for you to consider when purchasing the perfect phaser pedal. It underscores some of the flagship features that you should consider each time when buying a phaser pedal for your music production regime:

Gain Boost and Distortion

Gain boost pedals simply refer to in line preamps that specially designed to produce high impedance guitar signals. They are available from transparent to lightly colored units.

There are two main benefits of the gain boost. The first is that they may use to hit amplifiers and overdrive effects with additional effects, to produce quality sound. Besides that, the other common use is to compensate for signal loss over any given amount of time. 

It’s also important to note that there are various types of distortion pedals, each with its unique features. However,most of the distortion pedals come with diodes and unique transistors to introduce new signals to the clipping point. And also for enhanced sound results,Frequency Effects and EQ.

​Filtering effects over almost everything in the frequency domain such as equalizers, pitch shifters, and wah-wah effects as well. This stage follows gain staging since the gain produce effects tend to introduce harmonic complexity to your sound for unflattering sound results.

When it comes to producing precise frequency adjustments or correcting the errors in your tone, then the EQ is an excellent solution for your needs. It’s possible to use the EQ to correct frequency incoherencies or perhaps integrating them at the gain staging section. A significant portion of equalizer pedals is graphic based EQs that come with various bands for sound customization.

​Modulation Effects

​Modulation pedals are used to alter various combinations of sound including gain staging, time and frequency. The special dials are often placed on the pedal board, and the term modulation refers to changing the effects of sound over time.

Besides, the modulation pedals are regulated by using a unique Low-frequency oscillator and the phase shiftier as well. But,phasers come with a unique method for creating frequency notches and peaks that are well spaced on the frequency spectrum.

An LFO is then used to modulate the cutoff frequency of the phase-shifted signal, to produce a gradual sweep that is reminiscent to that of flanging effects.

​Other considerations

  • When searching for a good phase pedal to invest in for your music production, ensure that you evaluate all the excellent models that are available on the market. A good recommendation would be to observe some phasers when in use to determine the best model for your needs.
  • The unique phaser that suits your needs depends on the sound that you want. Some pedals are available with unique sounds while others have special controls that allow for enhanced sound customization results.
  • Phaser pedal that you pick depends on the unique sound results that you prefer. Some pedals are perfect for producing customized sounds while other come with unique controls that require users to make unique adjustments. Some of the common controls include depth, resonance and ramp knob.
  • A good phaser is compact enough to leave sufficient space for other relevant music production activities such as you’re the piano. Therefore, choose a phaser that is not only compact but one that is also feature packed for your music production regime.

Our 10 Best Phase Pedal Reviews:

1. MXR EVH90 Phase 90 Review:


  • Convenient design features
  • True bypass features
  • Enhanced graphics


  • It requires experience to get the sounds right
  • It is susceptible to high impact falls

Experience the superior quality of the MXR EVH90 Phase 90 that works comes with unique design features for your unique music production needs. To be specific, this phaser pedal is an excellent combination of Eddie Van Halen and Dunlop Manufacturing, to produce an updated version of the legendary Phase 90. More so, this unit provides excellent warbles and swirls that made the Phase 90 an excellent music production tools.

Besides,this unit comes with an all-new Script switch that lets users select their ideal features instantly. The MXR is an updated version of the flagship phaser, and it works well with a broad spectrum of music instruments including the guitar and the piano.

The bypass switch feature lets the signal from your music instrument pass through a non electronic bypass line when the effect is deactivated. In this way, your amp received direct and superior quality sound results.

Superior Design

The MXR EVH 90 features a unique blend of Van Halen and Dunlop Manufacturing to deliver the best quality sound results each time. In fact, this Phase 90 will work well to produce space swirls and hypnotic warbles to make it an excellent addition for your music production needs. This superior design makes it perfect for various music production activities.

Instant Toggle Feature

It also comes with an instant toggle feature that lets users conveniently choose their ideal settings. For instance, users can instantly toggle between the vintage Script Logo and the more modern Block Logo for customized sound results. The instant toggle feature makes it a convenient addition even for novice users.

Exceptional Graphics

Aside from its top quality music production features, this unit also comes with an appealing design to make it the perfect addition to your needs. To be specific, it sports the red, white, black stripes that are reminiscent to that the of the Eddies Legendary Guitar. The exceptional graphics lets you stand out from the rest.


  • Instant toggle phasing features
  • Superior graphics design
  • Well-positioned input and output ports

2. Joyo JF-06 Vintage Phase Guitar Pedal Review:


  • This unit comes with appealing graphics
  • It has various sound effects


  • It is susceptible to damage
  • Lacks appropriate replacement parts

Discover the excellence of the Joyo 06 Vintage Phase Guitar Pedal that is regarded as a modern replica of the pedals that were used to make Eddie Van Halen`s Sound. For those who are not aware, Van Halen is one of the legendary names in the realms of the music production world.

In fact, the JF06 guarantees swirling buzz and unique dive-bombs that can be cranked to 11 with its unique phaser features. Simply put, this phaser can produce one the best musical effects that a lead guitar can use for sound creation.

More so, the JF-06 comes with genuine bypass wiring and only one simple control knob that is marked as speed. This phaser can produce quality sounds in a matter of 1/16 note.

Features true bypass wiring, quality components

The bypass provides excellent bypass wiring features for customized and unique sound results each time. Furthermore, this unit comes with superior quality components that are not only great for sound but will also provide long-lasting performance results for your needs. The true bypass makes it a highly convenient phaser pedal for music production.

Replicates sound of phaser guitar effect of the 70's and 80's

The JF-06 Phaser can also be used to replicate the exquisite sounds of some of the legendary guitars to ever hit the consumer market. Additionally, these phasers can also be used to create new and unique sounds that can be used to enhance the quality of your tunes. This phaser produces genuine sounds for superior quality audio each time.

Simple design and pedal interface and an excellent 9V battery

Further lending to its excellent music qualities, this phaser pedal comes with one simple dial that is marked as `speed`. Additionally, it features a 9-volt battery that guarantees long lasting performance results for your music production needs.


  • Can produce genuine sounds of the legendary Van Halen guitars
  • The simple design and pedal interface for convenient navigation
  • Dynamic power methods

3. Electro Harmonix Small Stone Nano Analog Phase Shifter Pedal Rveiew:


  • This phaser is simple to set up
  • It comes with durable and compact chassis construction
  • Users will appreciate the variable control feature


  • The output jack is susceptible to damage
  • This unit lacks some phase shifting capabilities

Produce the superior quality sound that made the Classic 1970 Small Stone a famous character in the realms of the music world. This is because this unit can produce thick, sweeping phase shifting with top quality transparency results.

Additionally, this unit features a special rate control that can be used to customize the phase sweep or perhaps turn rate clockwise for faster sweep results. This one of a kind phase pedal is compact enough to leave space for other music production tools.

More ever,the color switch customizes the sound of the phase shift with hassle free results for your unique music production need each time. Additionally, the well-positioned color switch is simple to observe and make appropriate adjustments to the sounds.

True bypass

This unit Is equipped with special switching that connects the input directly to the output especially when the effect if off or bypassed. As a result, this unit sends the guitar signal along the merry as if there is pedal on the unit. With the inclusion of the true bypass, this guitar is perfect for producing customized sounds.

Dynamic Variable rate control

Besides that, the inclusion of the variable rate control feature allows for slow and smooth to rapid edge frequency sweeps for your unique needs. The addition of the variable rate control lets you conveniently customize the quality of the sound. More so, the variable rate control adjusts to suit the rate of your phase shifter.

Well-positioned Color switch

The color switch changes the sound of the phase between a full and robust phase for simple sound customization. In fact, users can easily monitor the changes in the sound as well as the shifting effects, all while customizing the phaser to suit their needs.


  • Control switch for introducing Q and thins in moving filters
  • Durable and compact die-cast chassis construction
  • Variable rate control feature

4. Boss Ph-3r Phaser Black Label Made in Japan with Box Excellent Review:


  • This unit allows users to select various stages
  • It allows for the creation of unidirectional phasing
  • Excellent features that can be controlled by using the pedals


  • It does not have an appealing design
  • This phaser in some cases malfunctions with high end guitars

Realize the superior quality of top quality sound production with the Boss Ph-3r Phaser that comes with special multi-stage phasers with various selectable stages for your unique sound customization needs.

 This unit also comes with a compact pedal and versatile vintage and modern Boss Phasing feature as well. Simply put,the inclusion of the new The Boss PH-3R pedal lets you immerse yourself in a broad spectrum of sound tones each time.

With its special resonance, speed and depth controls, this unit let you tweak your sound for top quality sounds that suit almost any type of music genre.

Includes classic multi-stage phasers with selectable stages

Perhaps the most important feature of this unit is that It provides multi-stage phasers with selectable stages. All you simply need to do is to select the perfect stage for your unique production needs with hassle-free results.

Compact pedal with dynamic phasing capabilities

More so, this Boss guitar pedal lets you enjoy the best of superior quality sound as it adds noise to your signal. To meet the needs of tough applications that the Boss PH-1R goes through, this unit is built for long lasting durability results.

Unique Rise and Fall modes create unidirectional phasing

Music enthusiast will also appreciate the inclusion of innovative rise and fall modes. To be specific, this type of visual effects creates unidirectional phasing for added convenience when customizing and producing sounds.

Real-time control features

This phaser pedal will also let you control the rate, tempo, and filter by using the unique expression pedal. Using this phaser, you can play your all time favorite tunes and provide outstanding sound effects each time.


  • It comes with multi-stage phasers with selectable stages
  • Compact pedal with dynamic vintage and modern Boss Phasing
  • Exclusive rise and fall mode to create unidirectional phasing
  • Real-time rate control features via expressional pedals
  • IM-ohms input impedance

5. Pigtronix EP2 Envelope Phaser Guitar Effects Pedal Review:


  • This phaser allows for dynamic envelope phasing
  • It has a durable and ergonomic construction


  • This phaser lacks some sound effects

Make the best quality sound with the Pigtronix EP2 phaser that adds a new dynamic to your conventional sound production regime. This unit can be used to accentuate and sweep through the harmonics of almost any music source.​

Users will also appreciate that this unit can be controlled by using a special LFO, Envelope or perhaps by combining both tools. Similar to all the top quality phasers, this unit comes with a compact design to leave sufficient space for your music production needs.

More so, this phaser makes it simple to dial in monster envelope tones that are perfect for any instrument and any style of music play as well. The inclusion of a unique `Staccato` function makes it ideal for fast picking, tight rhythm and funky bass results.

Uni-vibe style rotary phaser

This unit comes with a unique uni-vibe style rotary phaser that makes it simple to dial in customized envelope tones for almost any music instruments. More so, this unit provides performance friendly functions, and it lets you switch between, Mutron Style, Corpulent and swirling Uni-Vibe sounds for customized sounds. As a result, this unit easily qualifies as the ideal solution for various music instruments including guitars and pianos.

Funky envelope controlled phasing

This unit comes with a funky envelope controlled phasing that provides incredibly responsive envelope performance results, even during rapid fire playing. More so, the Rotary LFO modulation makes it tunable with depth and center controls that can be used to customize the range of operation.

Ability to combine both effects

Furthermore, users also have the ability to combine various sound effects for optimal sound results. For instance, they can combine the LFO smooth switch and the unique Envelope Phaser as well. Best of all, the Pigtronix EP2 lets users customize their favorite sounds with just the flick of a simple button


  • Uni-vibe design rotary phaser
  • Allows users to combine LFO and envelope phaser
  • Durable and ergonomic construction

6. Moog MF103 Moogerfooger 12 Stage Phaser Effects Pedal Review:


  • It comes with a well positioned LFO control knob
  • This unit combines various filter responses


  • This phaser takes time to set up

Use the Moog MF103 Mooger Fooger to produce superior quality sound effects. In fact, this phaser can be used to create shimmering, swirling and vibrating sound effects. This unit contains an amazing sounding 12 stage phaser circuit along with an ample sized LFO with an adjustable sweep mounts.

As a result, the MF103 can be used with basses, keyboards, and even recorded tracks. More so, this MF102 is ideal for applying subtle tonal changes, and unique deep phasing spins for a well-balanced entertainment approach.

This unit is ideal for filling the sound stage with superior quality sound sources and to create unique sonic sounds. The MF 103 2 comb filters are referred to as the 6 and 12 stage, due to the unique number of phase shifting circuits used internally. The 6 stage mode comes with three dips in the frequency response while the 12 stage comes with six dips.

Premium phasing features

Phasing is one of the best methods to give your tracks more juice and make them come alive, For this reason, the MF-103 can provide exceptional phasing sweeps that are both slow and subtle that they are also subliminal. As a result, your music instrument produces superior quality sounds with just the simple flick of a dial.

Unique 12 stage phaser

The MF103 comes with a special phaser that produces responses back and forth across the frequency spectrum, for optimal customization of sound. As a result, this unit can be used to create shimmering, vibrating and swirling effects as well. Additionally, this unit comes with a variable feedback circuit which enhances the resonance and the depth of the phasers sound.

Combines filter response

Additionally, thins unit can produce two comb filter response. These are referred to as the 6 stage and 12 stage filter, which will produce distinct sound qualities. Furthermore, this unit comes with a unique variable feedback circuit, which enhances the resonance of sound.


  • Auxiliary sweep input for bi-phase effects
  • Unique 12 stage phaser
  • Combines filter response
  • LFO control knobs and well-positioned Panel switches

7. Mooer Ninety Orange, phaser pedal Review:


  • This unit provides true bypass features for music production
  • The dtnamic phase shifter comes with a full analog circuit


  • This unit takes time to set up
  • It does not provide stereo I/O capabilities

The Mooer Orange Ninety is a versatile phase pedal that comes with a full analog circuit that produces rich, deep and warm phasing tones. This unit also comes with two working modes including the modern and the vintage mode.

This modern feeling phaser produces deep and rich sounds. The full metal casing makes it durable and road ready to provide long lasting service similar to most phaser pedals. Furthermore, this Mooer Ninety Phaser pedal produces true bypass to protect the quality of your tone when the effect is not activated.

Versatile phase shifter with a full analog circuit

The first important feature of this unit is that the versatile phase shifter works well in the production of various types of sounds. In fact, this unit ideal for users who want to produce warm, rich and deep sounds with just the simple twist of a dial.

Dynamic mode settings

More so, this Moreover unit also comes with the vintage and the modern tones for customized sound production results. The modern tone is ideal for vintage phasing tones that are warm and psychedelic in nature. The modern mode is ideal for rich and deep sounds.

Subtle and exquisite design construction

This phase pedal also has a compact yet fully functional design to make it ideal for conserving pedal space for your unique music production needs. The small and ergonomic design also makes it a highly portable addition for any music enthusiasts.


  • Subtle and exquisite design construction
  • Dynamic mode settings
  • True bypass and well positioned jack ports
  • Versatile phase shifter with a full analog circuit

8. TC Electronic Helix Phaser Pedal Review:


  • The toneprint feature lets users introduce unique sound effects
  • This unit has stereo I/O capabilities
  • It works perfect with various musical instruments


  • This is susceptible to high impact falls.

With its extensive set of controls, the Helix phaser lets you dial in a broad spectrum of sounds including Van Halen sweeps and Gilmour swirls. The inclusion of the Toneprint feature and true bypass allows you to enjoy the best of next generation entertainment.

 Music enthusiasts will also appreciate the inclusion of the 3-way toggle that switches between the vintage settings and the more smooth settings as well. This unit also has a USB port for downloading the tone print and unique 9V DC jack for your tunes.

Varios high quality phaser tones

The TC helix phaser pedal can produces various types of high quality phaser tones for your music production. More so, this unit is perfect for several musical instruments including the guitar and the piano.

Stereo I/O

Further lending to its superior design qualities is that it comes with unique type of stereo I/O for enhanced sound quality results. Simply put, this unit will produce unique sounds and in stereo mode for optimal impact on your music tunes.


  • Amazing range of high-quality phaser tones
  • TonePrint enabled - for a world of signature and customizable effects
  • True of Buffered Bypass

9. EarthQuaker Devices Grand Orbiter V2 Phase Machine Effects Review:


  • This unit features a unique LED to show the bypass levels
  • It comes with vibrato mode feature for optimal volume control
  • It allows users to replicate various types of sounds


  • This unit takes time to set up

With its extensive set of controls, the Helix phaser lets you dial in a broad spectrum of sounds including Van Halen sweeps and Gilmour swirls. The inclusion of the Toneprint feature and true bypass allows you to enjoy the best of next generation entertainment.

Music enthusiasts will also appreciate the inclusion of the 3-way toggle that switches between the vintage settings and the more smooth settings as well. This unit also has a USB port for downloading the tone print and unique 9V DC jack for your tunes.

4 stage OTA based phaser

The earthquake comes with as many as three different OTA based stages for added customization when producing your favorite sounds. More importantly, the special depth control feature lets you control the amount of phase effect mixed with dry signal. Users can also turn the dial clockwise for intense phasing results.

Three-way toggle design

From the unique Rate 1 for a sweep, Rate 2 for reducing the LFO and rate 3 for fast sweep mode, this unit lets you produce customized sounds with just the flick of a button. In `Vibrato mode`, this acts as a volume control feature for added convenience.

Master rate control

The inclusion of the master rate control feature is ideal for fine-tuning the speed of the LFO in each of the unique modes. The added benefit is that this unit comes with a flashing red LED that acts a visual indicator, even when the effect is in bypass mode. With its additional LFO kill mode, this unit lets you use the orbiter as a fixed resonant filter.


  • It comes with a LED to show rate even in bypass mode
  • Unique depth control for mixed or dry signals and intense phasing
  • Vibrato mode for volume control
  • Rate for controlling the speed of LFO

10. MXR M101 Phase 90 Review:


  • This unit can replicated various peaks and notches in sound
  • It comes with a well-positioned LED
  • The unique design is the same one that uses in Van Halen Productions


  • This phaser lacks an appealing design

The MXR M-101 Phase 90 pedal provides you with classic phasing capabilities with variable speed control features. Furthermore, this unit lets you add shimmer to leader passage or even jet plane resonance to muted strumming sounds.

The versatile design makes it ideal for than guitars, in fact, it works well with bass, vocals, and keyboards as well. Users can also vary the speed from a subtle, watery warble to even a long cycle with a fast tempo.

This unit is powered using a single 9-volt battery or even an AC adapter. The practical design demonstrates the simulation chorus, and the transparent texture sounds unique and natural. The MXR M101 works well with various types of guitars and pickups as well.

Superior phase shifter deign

The MXR M101 comes with a superior phase shifter design that lets you add shimmery velocity and swooshing effects to your favorite music tunes. Moreover,The timeless design of the phase shifter often used by several musicians worldwide including Van Halen Productions.

Superior design construction

On top of that, the superior design construction of this unit is not only appealing but durable enough to guarantee long lasting performance. By the same token, this unit is also compact enough to leave sufficient space for other music production equipment such as your piano.

Easy to control

This unit features three unique knobs, namely depth, rate, and level as well. This is important for the production chorus effects, and you can easily control the three function knobs to produce your unique music tone. besides, the inclusion of the LED indicator makes it perfect for showing the working state of the phaser pedal.


  • Rich and unique analog tone
  • Replicates shimmery sounds and dramatic swirls to your tone
  • Unique phase shifter used on man Van Halen sound productions
  • Runs on a single 9-volt battery or optional ECB003 AC Adapter

How to take care a phaser pedal

​Since the phaser pedal is an electrical music production instruments, it's imperative that you keep it far from the effects of liquids. This is because the liquids may seep through the exterior design construction and lead to short circuiting.

More so, since the phaser pedal comprises of delicate components that work in synergy to produce sound, it’s also important that you keep the unit away from high impact falls that may lead to extensive damage to the unit.

​In fact, we recommend to keep your phaser pedal in a bad or an area with minimal traffic as well. A significant portion of the problems that occur on phaser pedals is often cause by damaging the solder joints. In fact, this problem might increase if you fail to address it on time .

Or you are perhaps lack the competence to evaluate your phaser pedal for functionality. For instance, if the soldering or perhaps the wiring of the octave phaser seems to be frail, then it might be time for you to redo the design construction of the phaser pedal.

However, you may also take your unit to a professional service provider to conduct the maintenance and repair process at a significant charge fee.

Types of Phaser Pedal

Phaser pedals are just one of the various types of music pedals. These tools have almost the same features and benefits, which can sometimes make them difficult to differentiate. Here are some of the notable phaser pedals for you to take into consideration


The Chorus pedals work in a similar manner to the flaggers. However, the main difference is that the short delays that are used to create musical notches and peaks on the frequency spectrum are customized to modulate tightly.

 To be specific, the peaks and notches will modulate above frequency range, rather than customized to move broadly up and down when demonstrated on the frequency spectrum. As a result, the musicians can produce sounds that are reminiscent to that of a band of singers or similar musical instruments.

The resulting sound is a perfect sound that works well in stereo outputs. An excellent stereo chorus phaser is ideal for spreading out the sound between a pair of space amps for an immersive sound experience.

Furthermore, the chorus pedal is perfect for modifying music and human voices to sound as though there were several sound sources. In fact, the pedal can replicate each sound and then play them back with unique delays and modifications to the pitch of the sound. Best of all, the replays will often occur in synergy to make the sound seem as though there were multiple sources.


The flangers are ideal for the production of heavier and oppressive sound results by introducing more control of the positioning of the notches produced by the phase relationship. Most of the conventional circuitry that is available with flanging might require complex engineering to produce customized sound results. These highly compact units are ideal for replicating sounds of two big reel machines that are in motion.

Some of the higher end flangers come with complex ICs that are perfect for customized sounds. In fact, the IC is perfect for producing melodic tunes especial in the out of phase peaks and notches.

This unique melodious spacing qualifies the flanger pedal as an excellent addition to any music production needs. The flanger can be used to divide the signal into two and the slow one of the signals down while playing the other two to create a unique `whoosh-like` sound.

​Final Verdict

​Given all these points, the realms of the music world have been changing over the years and are nowadays outstanding. Since the advent of unique musical instruments meant for enhancing the quality of sound production, the best phaser pedals have been by far some of the most exceptional tools today. This is because these things are simple to use and are capable of producing superior quality sound effects as well.

​The added benefit is that these tools work well with a broad spectrum of musical instruments for added versatility when producing music. Before choosing the best phaser pedal for your needs, making an informed choice has its inherent benefits.

To be specific, ensure that you gain insight into some of the excepted features of a top quality phaser along with some of the highly rated units for you to invest in for your music production. Thus, you are sure of receiving the best value for money without any chances of buyers remorse.

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