Best Tremolo Pedal Under 100 Review

Do you love playing a guitar with your group of friends? Has your guitar tone not been appealing in the past performances? Are you looking for the secret to jamming great sounds filled with a wide array of effects? As a buyer, it can be a daunting task when it comes to shopping for the best tremolo pedal under 100 that will allow you to achieve a great performance. When shopping, 

It is important not to buy a product just because it has good specs. It is wise to seek a reliable and an excellent product that fellow guitarists have used and are continuing to do so.

History of using tremolo pedal

In 1947, the first guitar amplifier was created by Nathan Daniel. In the same year, he founded the Danelectro Company where the first product was named vibrato system for amplifiers. The vibrato system for amplifiers circuit produces a tremolo or vibrato effect.

Then Nathan Daniel achieved a patent for his product in 1949. In 1947 and 1948 respectively, Multivox and Gibson introduced in the market tremolo-equipped amps designed for guitars.

The new units added a new organ-like quality to the tone. Since then, state of the art improvements has been incorporated thus providing great sounds and effects for the player and the audience.

5 Best Tremolo Pedal Under 100

1. MXR M101 Phase 90 Review:

Dunlop Manufacturing was founded in 1965 and since then, it has been a pioneer in the effects pedal market by developing state of the art tough and rugged stomp boxes. They are engineered with simple utilitarian designs finally providing 100% rich analog tone. 

The company is located in Benicia, California. As a family owned company, it has been a leading manufacturer of electronic effects, strings and other musical instrument accessories. This is why MXR M101 Phase 90 is one of the best units that offer a rich and warm analog tone.

Compact design

As one of the best tremolo pedal under 100, it's engineered with a compact body design that not only allows for portability but improved usability. The controls are located on the top side of the product while the output and input jacks are located on the side. It is available in orange color.

Powered by a 9 volt battery

The MXR M101 Phase 90 is powered by a single 9 volt battery. This is highly advantageous as one does not have to carry around an external power cord to power the unit. The one thing you need to note is that the unit is powered by an alkaline-type battery. apart from this An optional AC adapter is available that allows the user to connect to an electric power source.

Large controls

To ensure ease of operation, the MXR tremolo pedal is fitted with large controls. This has been done to allow the user to control using one’s foot. This is the same with the power switch.

Thanks to the large controls, the guitar player does not have to keep bending in order to change the settings. Furthermore, the controls are further apart assuring the user of easy access and do not limit tweaking of settings.

Highlighted Features

  • The best tremolo pedal under 100 comes in orange color
  • Comes with two controls respectively – power switch and speed control
  • Features a timeless phase shifter that is used on many classic Van Halen recordings
  • It is powered by a single 9 volt battery. This is included with the purchase of the product. An optional AC adapter is available to connect the unit to an electric power source.
  • Weighs 1 pound. Has the following product dimension – 5.5 by 2.5 by 4.5 inches


  • Offers a rich and warm analog tone
  • ​Runs on a single 9-volt battery that improves on portability
  • The MXR M101 Phase 90 is suitable for rock, metal, alternative, jazz and world beat.
  • It is suitable for a guitar, bass, keys, vocals or strings
  • Can be powered by electricity.


  • Lacks individual controls for volume, slope and intensity. Has the speed control only
  • It adds a lot of distortion.

2. Donner Alchemy Guitar Effect Pedal True Bypass 8 Modulation Effects Review:

Donner Alchemy Guitar Effect Pedal True Bypass 8 Modulation Effects

The 2nd in our list is Donner Alchemy Guitar Effect Pedal.It is very impressive pedal & invented as all-in-one box that means all types of modulation effect that the guitar players was looking for many years.

8 modulation effects

The Donner Alchemy Guitar Effect Pedal is engineered with 8 modulation effects. They include chorus, flanger, phaser, tremolo, rotary, pan, u-vibe and vibrator. The purpose of modulation effects is to delay the incoming signal by a few milliseconds. What this does is change the sound and tone being generated by the guitar. The stereo tremolo pedals offers the audience better performance.

Battery powered

The Donner Alchemy Guitar Effect Pedal is powered by a single 9 volt battery. The single battery is fitted via the underside of the unit. The single battery needs to be an alkaline type. An external AC adapter is available that allows one to connect the unit to a power source. This helps to supplement the battery power if one is planning to use the unit for a long period of time.

User manual

In the package, a user manual includes which contains instructions on how to use the Donner Alchemy Guitar Effect Pedal. The manual is quite helpful as it contains both visual illustrations and detailed instructions. This is quite helpful not only to amateurs but to professionals too.

Highlighted Features

  • Weighs 5.6 ounces.
  • Has the following product dimensions – 5 by 3.6 by 2.2 inches
  • Features tone lock function and one preset save and recall
  • Engineered with a new generation 32 bit dsp with high performance 24 bit 44.1 KHz ad/da convert
  • Has input and output sensing circuit with select optimized routing automatically.


  • Has 8 modulation effects which include flanger, chorus, phaser, tremolo, rotary, pan, u-vibe and vibrator. It allows the guitar player to offer something different each time.
  • ​Fitted with large control knobs that allow easier control
  • It’s packaged as an all-in-one box which has every type of modulation effect that guitar players have been seeking
  • Engineered with an input and output sensing circuit
  • Has a tone lock function plus a one preset save and recall.


  • The controls are close together making it difficult to adjust them with the foot
  • It drains the 9 volt alkaline battery too quickly.

3. Xvive Tremolo Electric Guitar Effects Pedal True Stereo – Undulator Review:

Xvive has a ninety nine percent positive acceptance among guitarist. Their service and engineering reflects in their product.  

Dual output channels

The Xvive Tremolo Electric Guitar Effects Pedal True Stereo offers dual output channels, - stereo and mono respectively. Mono or monophobic is a system where the audio is mixed together and routed via a single audio channel.

And Stereo output channel consists of two independent audio signal channels which are reproduced at a specific level and phase relationship to each other. Thanks to the dual output channels, the stereo tremolo pedals provides a wide array of sounds and tones improving one’s performance. Furthermore, it assures the user of compatibility with a range of speaker systems.

Compact design

One of the best tremolo pedal under 100 engineered with a compact design allowing for portability. Despite its compact design, the controls spreads out well on the top side of the unit. You have the following controls available – speed, shape, depth and the power switch. On the right side, the stereo output and the input. On the left side, you have the out jack.

Durable all-metal housing

When using the Xvive Tremolo Electric Guitar Effects Pedal True Stereo, it places on the floor allowing for easy control using one’s foot. To prevent damage to the inner circuit, it has been engineered with durable all-metal housing. This assures the user of longevity allowing one to take advantage of its effects.

Highlighted Features

  • Uses a 9 voltage battery
  • Has dual output channels – stereo and mono output
  • Durable all metal housing
  • Has speed, shape and depth controls
  • Weighs 6.4 ounces. Has the following dimension 4.2 by 2.3 by 2 inches.


  • Designed with durable all metal housing
  • Offers dual channel outputs. Allows for connectivity to a wide range of output setups
  • Offers excellent and dynamic response
  • Its fitted with an effect on indicator light
  • Has a simple and easy to use design.


  • The speed and shape controls are too small to control with feet
  • The depth control has a terrible taper.

4. Mooer STR1 Spark Tremolo Review:

Mooer is a very favorite brand from long time among guitarist.They produce various effect pedal at affordable price.

Surface LED lighting

The Mooer STR1 Spark Tremolo is fitted with surface LED lighting which is perfect especially when one is playing in the dark. It allows the guitar player to locate the unit with ease. The attractive lighting design indicates effect or bypass status of the unit. When it lights up, it means the effect is on.

Compact size

The optical tremolo pedal is engineered into a compact design allowing for portability. It takes less storage space plus it has a special surface treating technology. This helps to ensure the unit lasts for long providing the much needed service.

True bypass footswitch

It has a centrally located true bypass foot switch. The push down foot switch allows the guitar player to adjust between effects and bypass status. As a centrally located switch, it allows for easy tweaking between settings unlike other brands where the controls are close together making it difficult to change settings.

Highlighted Features

  • Has a BIAS knob that delivers a broad palette
  • Its fitted with attractive lighting design
  • Has a compact design
  • The unit is covered with a full metal case with special surface treating technology
  • Weighs 12.8 ounces. The product has the following dimensions 3.8 by 3.8 by 2.8 inches.


  • Has a compact design
  • Fitted in a full metal case
  • Has a special surface treating technology that extends its durability
  • Has an attractive LED lighting design
  • Has true bypass that maximizes signal integrity when not in use.


  • When gain is added to the signal, it gets a bit hissy
  • When gain is added to the signal, it gets a bit hissy

5. Source Audio SA243 Vertigo Tremolo Effect Pedal Review:

Source audio secured its position in our list very smartly.

Flexible stereo routing

The Source Audio SA243 Vertigo Tremolo Effect Pedal offers flexible stereo routing. They include true stereo, mono, mono-to-stereo, sum-to-mono and external loop. This allows the product to harness the true power of stereo signal chains.

Neuro technology

The Source Audio SA243 Vertigo Tremolo Effect Pedal works with the Neuro app. It opens up new possibilities which include new effect types, additional control parameters and access to the Neuro community.

Other bonuses include free presets from artists and other users. The optical tremolo pedal works with the Neuro hub which stores up to 128 presets that is easily recalled with a Midi controller.

Highlighted Features

  • Weighs 1.1 pounds
  • Has the following product dimensions – 7 by 5 by 2.5 inches
  • Has three styles of tremolo – Opt Tremolo, Harmonic Tremolo and Bias Tremolo
  • Works with the Neuro Mobile App for iOS and Android
  • Compact design


  • Works with the Neuro mobile app for iOS and Android devices
  • Offers three distinct tremolo effects
  • Has the shape knob that takes tonal possibilities a step further
  • Has a compact design
  • Has easy to use controls.


  • You have to contend with a DC power supply cable since the unit lacks a 9 volt battery like other models.


​As a guitar player, generating a great tone is a worthy pursuit and in order to do so, you need the best budget tremolo pedal. When shopping for the right model, there are certain features you have to look out for. They include a wide range of modulating effects, easy to use controls, compact design, optional AC power cable, full metal case and ability to work with a mobile app.

Planning to shop for a tremolo unit anytime soon? Why not make your shopping to be easier. I highly recommend you purchase one of the units reviewed above.


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It depends if you need to have the capacity to choose the waveforms. You’ll need to spend progressively on the off chance that you need that element. Ie square (rough) or sawtooth (sudden) and so on as opposed to the ordinary sine wave sound. Likewise, tremolo lessens the apparent clamor of your flag since it is killing or diminishing the level for ~50% of the wave cycle. So a cosmetics pickup control is necessary for many individuals. On many pedals there is a programmed cosmetics pick up however you deal with it. Some even have a tap beat

Some awesome trems that I have played by and by are

demeter tremulator

Fulltone supa trem

Catalinbread semaphore

Red witch pentavocal

Manager w/Analogman mod (I comprehend the Keeley mod is comparative)



Danelectro Cool Cat modded by JHS (I accept there are issues with the first outline which you would mod be able to yourself)

I truly loved the fulltone a great deal. Be that as it may, the pentavocal is on my board for the time being. Tremolo for me is an impact where as long as the pedal is of not too bad quality then I like it. I think there are heaps of incredible trems out there. Just relies upon what highlights you need.


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