Do Bone Conduction Headphones Really Work

Traditional earphones send sound into your ears via airwaves. They basically vibrate a stream of air into your ears which are subsequently picked up by your eardrums and interpreted by your brains. They, however, have one severe limitation. They do not allow you to listen to other sounds apart from the music you might be streaming at any given time. This means you basically have to suspend every other activity you might want to undertake for the sake of listening to the track of choice.


This is the limitation that bone conductors are designed and manufactured to eliminate. They transmit audio via bone vibrations as opposed to airwaves. This allows you to use your ears to simultaneously listen to other sounds while enjoying your favorite tracks.


In our conversations below, we are going to examine how the headphones work in details. We are also going to ascertain whether headphones of this kind are worth the money they go for. We do hope that this will give you the head start you require to make the right purchasing decision.




They basically work by transmitting audio signals via bone vibrations as opposed to airwaves. Below is the breakdown of how they generally function:


Step I: Pick up Signal


These headphones are compatible with several devices such as radios, phones, GPS devices, and Bluetooth connectivity. As a first step, they pick up the signals from any of the relevant electronic devices listed.


They do so in a number of ways and means. They may utilize a connecting wire, Bluetooth connectivity, or any other form of wireless connection available. You must be certain that they are compatible with each other before setting up any connections.


Step II: Generate Vibrations


They then proceed to generate vibrations that respond to the vibrations of the source devices. Vibrations basically mimic the sounds that originate from the source. It does so by determining the frequency of the incoming signal and generating its own signal that has the same level of frequency.


It uses a built-in magnet to do so. It is these vibrations that the headphone later converts into signals for eventual transmission to the bones.


Step III: Transmit Vibrations to the Bones


After generating the vibrations, the headphone converts them into signals. These are electric impulses that may be transmitted to the bones. This is what sets the bone conduction headphone apart from ordinary headphones. It thereafter transmits those signals to the bones of the skull.


Step IV: Transmit the Vibrations to the Inner Ear


Upon receiving the signals, the bones of the skull transmit the said signals to the inner ear. (The signals bypass the outer and middle portions of the ears). This procedure yet again differs from the ordinary airwave transmission. The ordinary transmission involves the outer and the middle ears as well.


While at the inner ear, signals are converted into nerve impulses. This is carried out by the cochlea. This is the portion of the inner ear that generates nerve impulses in response to the signals that are provided for by the bones.


Step V: Sends the Nerve Impulses to the Brain


The nerve impulses are then sent to the brain for interpretation. It is after this step that you are now able to hear and comprehend the message that is contained in the audio tracks.




YES, they do! The following are the persons or unique circumstances that may require these kinds of headphones:


Conductive Hearing Loss


Perhaps the most significant circumstance under which these kinds of headphones may applicable is for those persons that suffer from the conductive hearing loss. This is an auditory disorder which arises whenever there is a problem with the transmission of sound through the three main chambers of the ear. These headphones are designed to bypass the first two chambers and thus enable those with ear problems to hear normally.


Ability to Multitask


As has already been noted above, these headphones do not at all interfere with the normal hearing apparatus and channels. As such, you may also listen to the ambient sound at the same time as you are listening to your favorite tracks via these headphones. This ability to multitask comes in handy when you are driving, in a fitness gym, walking along the street, or maybe in class.


Improved Situational Awareness


Closely related to the above is the fact that these headphones enable you to stay alert at all times. You will less likely lose focus, become absent-minded, or drift your attention at all. This again will help you to drive, navigate congested streets, and stay alert whenever you are going about your business. In light of this, you will less likely sustain injuries or collide with others whenever you listen to your music or audio content by using this headphone.


Reduced Damages to the Ears


Given that they do not utilize the ordinary ears, they are less likely to inflict on you the common issues and problems that ordinary earphones do. These include damages to the eardrums, insensitivity to low sounds, and partial deafness to mention but a few! You can thus be certain that you will not at all feel disparaged or placed at any significant disadvantage by opting for these gadgets.


Too Much Ambient Sound


In some cases, you might want to listen to your favorite audio content in very noisy environments. These included crowded streets, in public transportation vehicles, and public spaces. Ordinary headphones may not offer you the reliability you desperately want under such circumstances. This is for the sheer reason that they transmit sound to your ears the same way as these ambient sounds do.


This is where conduction headphones come in handy. BY reason of using a different mode of sound transmission, they will enable you to ward off ambient noise while enjoying your favorite audio content.




Notwithstanding the few shortcomings highlighted above, the bone conduction headphones are still great possessions and a worthy purchase. As a matter of fact, they are a ‘must have’ for persons who have hearing issues. In light of these, you clearly have no option but to consider purchasing them for your usage.

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