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Top 5 Best Bass Octave Pedal Reviews (2018 Updated)

best bass octave pedal

Are you in search of the best bass octave pedal that will help to spice up the sound of your bass guitar making it more prominent in the audio mix? Do you need guitar octaves that will help in crafting synthesized signals from the original output? Pedals are known to play a big role for […]

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What Is An Octave Pedal? What Does An Octave Pedal Do?

what is an octave pedal

Every newbie guitarist had curiosity about different gadgets for guitar. A very common question is what is an octave pedal? This encourage us to simplify the term & explain its functionality. Without further ado, let me dive into the subject matter.​What is an octave pedal?​An Octave Pedal is a device designed to add another tone […]

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