10 Ultimate Gifts For Bass Players

Music is the food for the soul and we love it to the core. Now consider trying to reward one lot of music players or producers. What can be ultimate gifts for bass players? Sometimes it’s a challenge selecting the ultimate gift for bass guitarist.

Should we get them something off the music domain or just random cool tech gadgets? Well here is a list of much sought after items that would indeed leave a mark. These things just scream I got you covered.

10 Best Gifts For Bass Players:

1. Bass strap

A guitar is nothing without its bass strap. This tool is a core handling essential that always comes in handy to music creators. The four top available straps are leather, suede, nylon, and harness strap.

The leather is arguably a quality item that would denote status. Most leather straps emulate the natural context of wild animals in terms of outer skin. Suede straps, which average about 62 inches, give room for color accommodation.

Similarly, leather straps do have a wide selection of colors. Nylon straps are attractive in general with an average size of 56 inches. They are probably the easiest to handle and store.

Furthermore, they are relatively cheaper comparatively. Another type of strap is the harness, which holds the guitar firmly across the body. In case you want to bust a move, this will surely hang on when you let go and get loose.

It’s worth noting that to make a selection will heavily way on style and preferences of the guitarist. Younger people tend to prefer non-conventional designers compared to the elderly.It dominates the list of best gifts for bass players.

2. Bass Manual

This refers to a how-to guide on the guitar world. Enhancing once knowledge about any subject matter is gratifying. One can develop into a more mature guitar player.

Bass manuals can best be classified by the skill level of the player. Skilled people only require advanced books, for instance, Fender Bass Manual by Paul Balmer.

Alternatively, if the individual has intermediate skills or is a beginner an intro manual is the best, Consider Bass Guitars for Dummies by Patrick Pfeiffer. An overall book that handles guitar maintenance will work for both sets of players.

We surely want them to safeguard their talent and maintain the music gear. The book Setup and Repairs by Chuck Traeger offers some great insights on this. The beauty about books lies on pricing and provides a portable reference point to turn on during crucial moments.

3. Bass Cases

Bass cases are a mode of housing, storage, and transportation. These cases come primarily in two types gig bags and hard shell. The former is made of soft material compared to the other.

When making a choice between the two, it’s prudent to consider the exposure of the guitar to the external environment. You should also consider handling as the hard shell case is quite heavy and may be difficult to handle on rapid movements.

There are different models available, just to quote a few Fender Traditional Gig Bag and Go-DPS Chroma Cast. Shopping for cases is quite easy with sites such as Amazon offering a wide variety.

4. Bass Player T-shirt

T-shirts always turn out to be an incredibly cool gift. There exist unlimited design scopes under branded t-shirts. Talented artistic persons can incorporate this as part of their DIY project.

Working on colors that reflect the personality of the bass player will ideally appeal to them. One can either shop locally, online or better yet customize with the help of professionals.

To make a lasting impression, you can personalize a bold message on the t-shirt. Besides, a bass player t-shirt is one of the most cost-effective methods on this list.

5. Bass String Bracelet

This can be a more involving gift in the sense that the player carries their passion body on. A bracelet will remind them of their love for music and a guitar.

It is a sentimental gift that goofs the goose bumps already. Remarkable bracelets may involve strings from a broken bass guitar. You can utilize the help of artistic persons just as you would under t-shirts. Bass string bracelets are also sold widely in different patterns.

6. Bass Overdrive Pedal

Tech savvy people will definitely find this appealing. Bass overdrive pedal is designed to either boost the sound production or distort the bass produced from playing the guitar. Some can handle both features.

They can be compared to sound enhancers that improve the sound produced. Let us consider a few favorite brands Pro Co Rat and Ibanez. Pro Co Rat regarded as a titan has a high performance on frequency distortion with additional filters to diverge unwarranted frequencies.

For its price versus output comparison, this is a great deal altogether. Competing brand Ibanez offers a more stable mode within the wild rocking of a guitar player.

Moreover, With the dynamic changes in technology, it's possible to find quality on a non-household overdrive pedal.

7. Boss DR3 Drum Machine

Great music comes from a combination of several sound instruments. This gadget offers that with distinctive toned drumbeats. The accuracy achieved is just boggling, and one can create better music with its use.

It will definitely make an excellent addition to their personal instrument arsenal. An added advantage is its size and portability. You thus save on storage space and can always carry it along with you.

8. Guitar Pro Care Cleaner Kit Bundle

Dirt is a constant phenomenon that we cannot avoid therefore this kit will come in handy. This is often the case after long rides or periods of guitar non-use.

This kit provides a set of tools that help in maintaining the bass guitar and retaining its aesthetic value. Guitar pro care cleaner kit bundle is sure must have the item in the long run.

9. Instrument Cable

Another key piece for guitar players is the instrument cable. It helps with the connection of the guitar to other sound systems or music production hardware. Cables tend to be ignored, but they may end up being a player’s ideal gift.

10. The Guitar Smart Holder

Smart holders are an extra external add-on that makes it easier to hold a guitar for an extended period. All round it is a fun gadget with modern designs having Smartphone holders. Getting one might surely make an unexpected surprise, in the end, .if you are running on a limited budget, a guitar smart holder is perfect among all other gifts for bass players.

Final Word

Overall, selecting the perfect gift depends on the person in question. You should dig deeper and develop a scope of possible items in need. A gift of necessity will inevitably create a spark and great adoration. Remember to consult with people close to the guitar player for a better judgment. While at it make the gift presentation apically blissful.

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