How To Make Earbuds Louder

Earbuds are used to stream audio contents from the source to the ears. This means that they have to be very loud, clear, and sharp at all times. Their failure to meet any of these preconditions may interfere with your overall experience. This is why you have to keep them in their perfect conditions at all times.

If and when they fall short of the standards mentioned, they have to be rectified. In the proceeding conversations, we are going to explore the various means and ways of making your earbuds sound louder.

How To Make Earbuds Louder

make earbuds louder

Re-adjust the Factory Settings

You should first and foremost check your factory settings. Factory settings refer to the default parameters that are put in place by the manufacturer of the said electronic device. These settings may often impose the maximum sound levels among other parameters.

You should hence consider re-adjusting your device’s sound settings appropriately. If the sound is muted, consider un-muting it; in case there is an upper limit imposed, remove the limit or push it upwards, and so on. This step is especially necessary if your earbud or electronic device is brand new.

Attempt Manual Tuning

Each phone, laptop, tablet, personal computer, the earbuds, or any other electronic device have sound controls. Consider turning up the volume on these devices. Make sure you do so on both ends i.e. the earbud and the electronic devices.

Pay particular attention to the equalizers and the bass enhancers. They are the ones that chiefly determine the loudness or softness of sound.

Acquire Headphone Amplifiers

In case the first two procedures do not yield you the desired outcomes, you should try out the headphone amplifiers. These are basically special, portable, and lightweight electronic devices which may increase the sound outputs of your earbuds.

Amplifiers mainly come in handy when the earbuds are too powerful for the ordinary power sources. They are also applicable for those headphones that have an impedance of over 32 ohms. The headphones magnify the sound input before channeling the same to the earbuds or other audio devices.

Download and Install Volume-increasing Apps


You may also consider download and be installing the volume-increasing apps. These are third party computer application software that is designed to increase the volumes of the sound outputs.

Examples of these third-party apps include Volume Boost+, SonicMax Pro, Equalizer+, Ultimate Volume Booster, Volume Booster Pro, and Volume Control+, among others. Download and install them on your electronic device. They will help in boosting the output volumes appropriately.

Consider Unclogging the Earbuds

Due to their close and prolonged contacts with the ears, the earbuds do sustain ear wax which may impede your ability to hear sounds better. If this is the case, you may have to get rid of the wax. Use a toothpick to scrape off the wax from the earbuds gently.

Take the necessary precaution not to damage the sensitive parts and components of the earbuds. You may also blow the dust by your mouth to get rid of any such debris.

Upgrade or Install Brand New Music Players

Though rare, sometimes the media player software may often be the ones that are responsible for the poor audio output in headphones. If this is the case, you may consider either carrying out an upgrade or re-installing the software afresh.

Fix in Place Sound Isolation Devices

Lastly, you may wish to try out the sound isolation devices. Isolation devices are those that block off outside sound from interfering with those that are generated by the electronic devices onto which the earbuds are attached. They do not strictly speaking increase the volume of the headphones; they only block off outside noise and in so doing, enable you to hear the electronic sound well.

Perhaps the most prominent of all the sound isolation devices is the EarCandi. This is a material that can be molded and attached to the back of the earbuds. They block off any external sound by completely sealing off the openings of your ears.

Closing Remark

There indeed are so many other options that may yield you the same degree of satisfaction. Because of limited space though, we just could not exhaust them all. It is thus in your best interest to carry out further research to acquaint yourself with these additional options.

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