How To String A Guitar – Newbie Friendly Guide

A guitar is a common musical instrument that has six string. It is played by strumming or plucking the strings with your hands or a pick. A guitar is usually made of wood and has either metal or nylon strings.It is a basil skill you should know how to string a guitar.This is a simple to follow article written for you.

Stringing a guitar is a helpful trait to know if you play guitar or are in the process of learning how to play.

Tools You Need:

First off, you will need the following tools before you start:

  • String cutter
  • String winder
  • Strings, Tuner
  • And Head stock stand

Gather all of your items before you get started so you will have everything that you need.

Step By Step Guide:

put your hand over the strings and gently loosen the tension

​The first step of stringing a guitar is put your hand over the strings and gently loosen the tension. Make sure to keep your hand over the strings and loosen the tension slowly. If you do not keep your hand held over the strings, they may move quickly and hit you in the face.

So make sure to keep your hands on the strings and loose the tension slowly to prevent this issue from happening. This is a great tip for beginners and if you are unfamiliar with stringing a guitar.

​The next step is to remove the strings from the guitar. Remove the strings one at a time and do this gently. Make sure to only loose one string at a time and take one string off at a time to prevent injury.

​After you have all the strings off your guitar the next step is to open the pack you have with the new strings inside it. You want to put each string on one at a time. Feed the first string through the bridge at the bottom of the instrument.

While you are feeding the strings through make sure that the ball end color matches the string color chart. This is to ensure that each string has placed in the correct place.

guitar strings color chart

Most packs of strings will come with the color chart to better assist you in putting the strings in the correct place. However,another easy way to make sure the strings are in the correct place is the strings will go on the instrument thickest to thinnest.

Now that you have the strings on the instrument. The next step is to loop the head stock over top of the string. Make sure to pull the strings tight but leave about 1 inch slack so that the strings are not too tight. The strings will later be tighten up when you tune your guitar.

loop the head stock over top of the string

​The next step is to use the string winder and turn it until it is tight. Make sure your hand is holding the string in place at the same time to create tension between the nut. Keep your hand there as you wind each string. Finally,repeat this for all of the strings until they are all on the guitar.

​Next step is to get your string cutters out and clip off the extra string once all strings are on the guitar. There will be a few inches or more of extra string that needs to trim off, this is normal. Dispose of any clippings.

The next thing to do once you have the strings all on your guitar is to tune the guitar. You always want to tune the guitar after putting new strings on so that you get the best sound quality and the guitar sounds like it should. Use your tuner to tune each string. An electric tuner comes in handy here. If all you have is a fork tuner that will work as well.

Final Check

​After each string is in tune make sure you pull up each string individually and tune again using the nuts on the top of the guitar. Use the tuning nuts at the top of your guitar by twisting them until each string is in tune. Twist each one slowly and pluck the string until it is in tune. This will ensure that you get the best sound out of your instrument.

Congratulations! You have just successfully learned how to string a guitar & how to tune it also. I hope you enjoyed this article and found it helpful.You may also like our article on guitar chord progression guide. I would request to head up another awesome resource for all about music playing- Guitar lovers.

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