How To Use Earbuds As A Mic On Pc

Earbuds are primarily used to listen to audio contents from phones, laptops, tablets, and other electronic devices. However, did you know that you can also use the earbuds as microphones on your personal computers and laptops?Today we will talk about how to use earbuds as a mic on pc, don't forget to share your experience once you try it.

The argument underlying this is pretty simple. Earbuds and microphones share some similarities in their structural makeup and functionality. They both depend on the vibrating diaphragms to convert sound waves into electrical signals and vice versa. It is this property that may be manipulated to turn one device into another.

To enable the earbuds to act as microphones, you ought to make a few modifications in their set up. It is these modifications that are going to form the central theme of the discussions that follow.

How To Use Earbuds As A  Mic On PC

How To Use Earbuds As A Mic

The following are the procedures you have to adhere to in order to convert your regular earbud into a microphone on your personal computer.

Plug the Earbud onto the PC’s Microphone Jack

Plug the earbud into your personal computer’s microphone (not headphone) jack. This way, the computer system shall treat it as a microphone rather than a headphone or earbud. It is also what will enable it to be configured appropriately further by the system.

Access the Control Panel

After you have plugged the earbud into the microphone jack, you have to access your computer’s control panel next. Doing so depends mostly on your computer’s operating system.

In some operating systems, you will have to search manage audio devices on your homepage. In others, you will have to access it via the start button or icon. Simply click the start button. Then go to control panel then hardware and sound then manage audio devices.

This will open the ‘sound’ dialog box. Once this box shows up, click ‘Recording’ tab at the top of the box. This will give you a list of all the other audio devices that are plugged into the personal computer at that time. Click your earbud and ‘enable’.

NB: You may consider disabling all the remaining audio devices in order to prevent any interference with your earbud. This should be especially the case if you have a web camera fixed into your device. The system often gives such cameras topmost priority.

Set the Sound Levels

Next, click the ‘playback’ tab that is directly on the left-hand side of the ‘recording’ tab. You will then be able to set the sound levels as per your liking. The settings here mainly include the sound levels.

The advanced settings, however, may allow you to set other parameters as well. These include bass enhancements, microphone boost, surround properties, and so on.

Test the Microphone

Once you are done, test your new ‘microphone.’ Blow the earbud or speak a word. You will see some green lines oscillating up and down the screen in response to your sounds. These oscillations indicate that the system is indeed up and running.

NB: In case those green lines do not oscillate, you may wish to re-insert the earbuds once more. That’s because that could be indicative of a loose connection.

Set as Default Device

In case you intend to use the earbuds as microphones permanently, you may consider setting them as the default microphones. This is to avoid the hassles of having to follow this procedure every quite often.

To do so, click the ‘recording’ tab on top of the ‘sound’ dialog box. Select the microphone. The ‘set default’ button at the bottom of the dialog box shall be activated. Click it. Click ‘OK’ button thereafter to officially update the changes and close the dialog box as well.

The procedure is pretty similar to the one for conventional earbuds as stipulated above. The only difference is the sensitive nature of the Apple earbuds. You should take great care while handling them.


There you have it! The personal computers give you the rare privilege of converting your earbuds into microphones as well. This way, they absolve you from the need to buy several electronic peripherals at the same time.

Moreover, the setup procedure is also straightforward to follow. As such, you do not at all require an expert to help you do it. Why don’t you consider installing this earbud as microphones right away?

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