How to Set Up A Guitar – Tools & Step By Step Tutorial

how to set up a guitar

A guitar is a very important instrument in the life of any musician. A guitar makes music to sound better and sweet. The instrument is simple but very useful every day.Just like any other musical instrument in the market today, a guitar requires the correct set up for it to work properly. In this article, […]

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Top 15 Best Cheap Guitar Pedals Reviews – 2018

cheap guitar pedals

If you have listened to music produced live, then you have certainly heard digitally produced music. Digital music, also known as digital audio is a technique where a sound is represented as arithmetical values.Digital music can also be described as music that is produced using digital software/hardware, or that which is converted to or recorded […]

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10 Ultimate Gifts For Bass Players

gifts for bass players

Music is the food for the soul and we love it to the core. Now consider trying to reward one lot of music players or producers. What can be ultimate gifts for bass players? Sometimes it’s a challenge selecting the ultimate gift for bass guitarist. Should we get them something off the music domain or […]

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How To Choose A Beginner Guitar For Kids?

guitar for kids

You may pick a guitar for kids when you want them to learn to play, and you must use this process to select the proper instrument. Many kids are excited to get to play, and they will have quite a few chances to play when they know what they are doing. This article explains how you […]

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Additional Resources For Music Lovers

additional resources

We take the opportunity to present some additional resources to our audience that are extremely helpful.We will build this list periodically to provide all necessary sources in one shot.1. Empire Music PromotionAs an music artist,you must love to promote your creation among music lovers. Empire Music Promotion is a done for you platform to make […]

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7 Best Acoustic Guitar Brands Loved by Famous Guitarist

Are you new to playing the acoustic guitar? I would like to know if you are interested. Or have you started playing your first notes? Maybe you are a more experienced player switching over from electric or some other type? I want to help you find the best acoustic guitar brands. And see which one […]

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Orange OR15 Review – Features,Pros & Cons

Orange OR15 Review

Orange OR15 is a guitar amp head that is gaining traction among musicians everywhere. I’m a musician who has a passion for playing live and for writing my own songs. I enjoy using this amp head when I practice.Users can alternate between 15 and 7 class A tube tone watts. This amp head weighs a […]

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10 Essential Guitar Pedals For Every Electric Guitarist

essential guitar pedals

Many instrumentalists love a Guitar. You can use it without any other musical instrument and enjoy the music to the fullest. The sound produced by a guitar can be manipulated by the use of a guitar pedal. You will get several guitar pedals on the market. But it is the responsibility of the guitarist to choose […]

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P Bass vs J Bass – Anatomy of P/J Bass

p bass vs j bass

Many beginning and more skilled string musicians across the world are in search for the perfect guitar. Guitar players know this guitar to be as either precision base or jazz bass guitars.The features of the two are similar, however very different as well. They have been around less than a century, but they already have […]

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