What does a Compressor Pedal Do?How To Use a Compressor Pedal

It is not uncommon for both novice and professional musicians to specialize in the equipment that they use to make all kinds of different music. Based on their need and the kind of music selections that they like to produce, they may look for different ways to better control the sound of their music by using various kinds of instrumental tools.

One of which involve the use of compressor pedals since they are designed in a manner that makes the guitar sound like it further away than it really is, fuller and thicker in its tone.While it also evens out the volume in the notes. 

All of which consider as a primary role of the compressor pedal.To make the maximum use of this gadget,you need to know exactly what does a compressor pedal do in details.Let us dig down the topics.

Unlike a fuzz pedal or synthesizer, a guitar compressor pedal has not been designed to alter the sound dramatically. It has, however, been designed specifically to enhance the quality of the music that the guitarist plays.

Fortunately, when an individual is in the market for buying this type of musical tool, they can look online to see which ones recommended as the top in the industry.

So, What is a Compressor Pedal?

What is a Compressor Pedal

Simply put, this musical tool can be described a dynamic volume attenuation. For instance, when a guitarist uses this musical equipment with their guitar, it can help the louder sounds appear to be much quieter to the ear and the quieter sounds more amplified.

It is also important to note that not all compressors are the same since there are a number of different varieties on the market today. Therefore, when a guitarist makes their selection it is important that they find one that caters to their personal style of playing and the way that they want the compressor set-up.

What does a compressor pedal do?

After an individual knows what a compressor pedal is, one of the next bits of information that it is important for them to know is what does this type of pedal do. For instance, because musicians can play all kinds of different genres of music, they may start out their career by talking to other musicians about what is available to them on the market today.

Specifically, when they are consulting with other musicians who are more experienced in using the compressor pedal regularly when they are producing their music. Also, with that being said, before the musician makes their purchase, they may need to do a little research that provides them with what a compressor pedal can do if they buy it and add it to their collection.

What does a compressor pedal do

Typically, when this is the case, other musicians can instruct newbies and seasoned musicians alike during these times so that they will understand what the compressor pedal does for them if they decide to use one.

For instance, when a guitarist is playing a musical selection that requires a finger picked part that is relatively easy or complicated to play, they may want to enhance the quality of the sound.

In fact, it does not really matter if the sound is coming from an electric guitar or an acoustic guitar since the compressor pedal can modify to sounds to be either lower or higher. 

Typically, if a guitarist is playing rock and roll music to a group of people, they can benefit greatly from using a compressor pedal because it will allow the guitarist to switch back and forth between finger style and slapping without causing the music to suffer from greater amplitude spikes.

In addition to controlling amplitude spikes, it is also important to note that a compressor pedal can be used as a clean boost. Specifically, in situations where the guitarist wants to drive the front of their amplifier harder.

The super mommy some guitarists will use the compressor pedal in this manner when they want to finger pick a part to stand out more or if they choose to add sustain during their own solo. Either way, musicians who become familiar with its functionality and how it really works, they can use it control to tone of the music that they produce.

​How to use a Compressor Pedal

​Even though the compressor pedals usually perform the same role, there a variety of different types available in the industry. So, the instructions on how to use each may vary quite substantially based on the actual design. Some of the more commonly types include:

  • The OTA (Operational Trans conductance Amplifier)
  • VCA (Voltage Controlled Amplifier)
  • FET (Field Effect Transistor)
  • Optical, Tube and the multi band.

All of which designed differently in style and function. For instance, the more modern Optical compressor pedals use a light source and a photo resistor to control the quality of the sound that the musician plays.

People normally use this kind of compressor pedal when they are looking for sound that has been organically produced with a smoothness that’s slowly released. Meaning they can produce sound that has a more natural feel.

On the other hand, if the guitarist is looking to produce a smooth sound that exemplifies likes of color and warmness, they may choose to purchase a Tube Compressor when they make their purchase from a musical store. Either way, the choice that makes and how to use the compressor pedal is determined by the style of compressor pedal that is selected by an individual.


There are many different types of musical equipment and helping tools on the market today. Some of which add to the quality of music that a guitarist creates. This is one of the main reasons why today’s guitarists look for items like compressor pedals.

To assist them with producing their music. From producing musical sounds that appears to be faraway to enhancing the smoothness of each selection, the compressor pedal can be a guitarist’s best friend.

Before the musician chooses the type that they want to use. However, it is essential that they are doing their homework first. Specifically, since each type of compressor will determine the smoothness, responsiveness, and the warmth of the music generated.

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