What Is An Octave Pedal? What Does An Octave Pedal Do?

Every newbie guitarist had curiosity about different gadgets for guitar. A very common question is what is an octave pedal? This encourage us to simplify the term & explain its functionality. Without further ado, let me dive into the subject matter.

​What is an octave pedal?

An Octave Pedal is a device designed to add another tone to your original tone, either one octave up or one octave down, allowing musicians to deepen their bass tones, or add beautiful highs to a track very easily.

There are all types of effects pedals, like delay, reverb, and loopers, but the octave pedal is designed more to enrich tone of the note being played. Some of the benefits are significantly enhanced tones, enhanced functionality, and the ability to sound like bass and guitar simultaneously, making it an extremely useful tool for the soloist.

​Another benefit the octave pedal offers is when playing live music, you can play low down on the next and produce a high sound, or high on the neck for low sounds.

The mix of harmony with your tones alone will add more versatility, enhance your musical gift, and can make regular notes that literally melt you. Octave pedals are often used by bass players in heavy metal bands for the lower, ripping bass chords they get.

what does an octave pedal do

​What does an Octave Pedal do?

​Not to be confused with wah-wah pedals and distortion pedals, an Octave Pedal is designed to accompany the tone you are playing on your instrument, by producing a tone either one octave up or one octave down from the one you are playing, an in some cases even two octaves below. 

Until recently, octave pedals were analog, but now there are digital ones, allowing you to have advantages like being able to track the notes better, or on some models, even process chords.

The pedal can be set an octave higher or lower than the note put into it, and in most cases allow you to choose if the notes are separate, or how much you want to blend them when you are creating your music, for your desired sound.

The octave pedal is generally equipped with anywhere from one to multiple knobs, allowing you to set the parameters depending on what type of effect you need. Octave pedals can add effects ranging from depth to distortion, and greatly enhance your styles and abilities as a musician.

​What is an octave in guitar?

A guitar octave is defined as a complete set of twelve notes, or twelve frets on one string. The word octave actually comes from the Latin word, octa (eight) and that's because if you've ever counted the musical notes from C to C, then you have counted the eight major notes in an octave. 

Every eighth note, another octave begins, whether you are going up or down. It gets way more technical than that, but for the most part if you have ever seen a major scale written out, (c,d,e,f,g,a,b,c) those notes represent an octave.

There are 13 Octaves for the musical note "C" alone. Examples - Bass C, Low C, Tenor C, Middle C, Soprano C. (just to name a few) Playing octaves on your guitar is a great way to tune and calibrate your instrument to make sure every note is perfect.

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